Expanding, detailing and maintaining an all covering encyclopedia on everything concerning a series is one venture absolutely worth undertaking! Even more so when it concerns Pet which is in a special position of having a previous manga (and remastered one!) adapted into anime some time after it's initial release.

To that end the wiki requires articles available for official information to be added by anyone and everyone who would like to take part in something great. Pages need to be made anyway so may as well make use of a nice wiki feature, the badges for people to gather some lovely images that the badges will be.

The Pounce! badge is one of them only it's a secret one related to editing a new page within an hour of it's creation. So when a new page:

  • Chapter 1

Is created, in a perfect example of the collaboration is key best method of Fandom, contributors will be able to add an edit to the newly created Chapter 1 page within the hour to begin their tally for the Pounce! badge. Chapter 2 is then good to be made, again everyone add edits to the new page and with those two pages that is 2/100 pages counted for all who edited the new page to work towards gaining the secret badge.

A list of pages for this excellent group activity to significantly expand the wiki ready for even more people to take part in, and enjoy scoring a badge few even know exists, let alone how to get!

  • Chapter 1 (all the way to) Chapter 55
  • Volume 1 (2003)
  • Volume 2 (2003)
  • Volume 3 (2003)
  • Volume 4 (2003)
  • Volume 5 (2003)
  • Remastered Volume 1 (2009)
  • Remastered Volume 2 (2009)
  • Remastered Volume 3 (2009)
  • Remastered Volume 4 (2009)
  • Remastered Volume 5 (2010)
  • Episode 1 (episode numbers have not officially been declared but going up to Episode 11 is a sensible estimate, no matter the number can be addressed when announced but still better to make whilst we are together)
  • Episode 1/Images (same number as episodes)
  • Hiroki/Images
  • Tsukasa/Images
  • Hayashi/Images
  • Satoru/Images
  • Katsuragi
  • Ron
  • Jin
  • Katsuragi/Images
  • Ron/Images
  • Jin/Images
  • Guidelines
  • Blog Guidance
  • Profile Guidance
  • Discussions Guidance
  • Message Walls
  • Article Layouts
  • Soundtrack
  • Opening
  • Ending
  • Takahiro Omori
  • Sadayuki Murai
  • Junichi Hayama
  • World
  • Organizations
  • Visualizations
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