Tsukasa is one of the main characters in Pet. He has memory operation abilities with the ability to "image" water, and along with Hiroki uses this to Katsuragi's ends.

Continuing jobs for him and the Company at large for Hiroki to run their pet fish store funded by their benefactors, Tsukasa then seeks out Hayashi after he had been sighted.

Tapping into opportunities to become more immersed in the Company, Tsukasa resorts to approaches Hiroki finds increasingly questionable.


Easy going, Tsukasa is courteous with others in person and when on the phone to maintain client relations. Supportive to others, he tries to awaken Katsuragi when he is trapped in a memory, and also revisits Hiroki's plan to alter Kenji's memories. For the latter, Tsukasa is persuasive, adding that they will erase any memories Yokota has of Katsuragi as well as pragmatic, such as when he had Kenji indebted to Katsuragi to make him very useful to the company, and would avoid the need to have Kenji killed.

He is very patient and in particular cares for Hiroki's well-being. Tsukasa showed a deep sense of fear at some of the scenarios he came across, even thinking about the fact that as an unresponsive child his organs were to be harvested was deemed terrifying. On one occasion he states that rewards do not come for free. He can be emotional, and attempts to mitigate some of the criminal activities he does, since they are not on the side of justice anyway.

His sense of superiority is usually seen when he is considering plans, such as how he gained access to Hayashi's Peak, and when he thinks how he will not tell how he recovered from being crushed since that is his secret trick.

After nearly being crushed, Tsukasa's began to show unfavorable parts of himself; he was willing to admit to Hiroki the truth about his past, but at the same time began to anger easily and showed sadistic glee when thinking about how to kill Satoru in order to advance higher up in the Company. This erupts into a somewhat unhinged anger with the combination of Hiroki not agreeing with his plans, to the pressure of carrying them out.

With a mix of genuinely meaning it such as also crying when Satoru saw Hayashi again, to attempting to be convincing, Tsukasa is an effective liar. He paced himself in his talking and aware that Satoru is the suspicious type who would not swallow what he was told, Tsukasa used that suspicious nature to his advantage. He prepared a fake memory to show to Satoru to present proof that his suspicions were wrong.

Appearance Edit

Tsukasa Profile

He has short near black colored hair with the fringe styled unevenly across his forehead. Tsukasa also has narrow, almost pastel lilac-colored eyes. After experiencing being crushed, and the resulting nightmares that follow, his hair becomes a faded black color that he uses hair dye to cover.

For clothing, he is seen wearing a black suit jacket with pronounced shoulder areas, notch lapels, and pockets just above the waist section. The long sleeves are rolled up to his elbows. This jacket is worn over a cream, white, buttoned shirt with a black placket and collar. Tsukasa wears a blue strapped, silver watch, with a blue dial, on his left wrist. Tsukasa also has a black belt with a silver-colored auto grip appearing buckle around the top of his black trousers. These are folded slightly near the bottom to leave his black dress shoes viewable.

History Edit

Episode 5 - Young Tsukasa's memories
As an unresponsive child, Tsukasa was faced with the prospect of having his organs harvested. Gaining the ability to retain memories from Hayashi sharing his peak with him, Tsukasa formed an attachment and wished to live with him. Unable to do so, on Hayashi's advice, Tsukasa done whatever the Company asked of him.

He was brought to a manor by Katsuragi as his pet rather than Hayashi's.[1] As he refined his abilities he was told he was too slow being only able to change a few memories. He was told his slowness was the reason Hayashi found a new pet to replace him. Tsukasa also approached the CEO requesting a pet of his own.[2]

Within a Peak, he sits on a small island within the river as he hears from Hayashi about this locus being home to the best memories of a certain person. Wrapped in a blanket, Tsukasa marvels at the stream as he hears details in it. Told that someday he too will leave this locus, he proceeds to scoop up some water.[3]

According to Katsuragi, Tsukasa searched hospitals throughout Asia to find his pet.[4] With an adult accompanying him he would find Hiroki in a dilapidated psychiatric ward by himself staring at a fish bowl. Using his water image Tsukasa encased Hiroki to bring him to his Peak and produced fish made out of water for his amusement. In another instance he would make pancakes for him, making sure they filled the whole pan to ensure Hiroki was happy.[5] Enabling his Peak to be formed, Tsukasa attempted with limited success to explain Valleys, Peaks and Locks to Hiroki.[3]

Older, he was in a meeting with Katsuragi where Ron stated that Hayashi was to have another pet, since Tsukasa's was causing problems. He suggested Hayashi talk to Hiroki so he understood his Peak giver was also an employee, but this was perceived as Tsukasa training Hiroki badly on purpose as a way to try and see Hayashi. With increasing numbers of pets, Tsukasa suggested they make some withouts Locks so Hayashi would not have to be constantly monitoring them. These types of pets would not be capable of refusing Company orders.[5]

On the grounds of a manor he met the CEO where Tsukasa shared that his pet is coming along well and ready for a job. With the prospect of doing a job with Hayashi's pet, he is further pleased at possibly moving into a leadership role. Tsukasa knows why a breed of hunting dog is called a "pointer", but hears the CEO think of it as pitiful that even if its master forgets it, it will keep waiting patiently for an order staying in the same pose forever until it dies. Tsukasa is told this is how obedient he should teach his pet to be. Then, that today is the last day he should look up to the traitor Hayashi.[3]

Story Edit

Tsukasa is with Hiroki working outside a beach-themed cafe and bar. Responding to Hiroki's suggestion that they open a bar at some point, Tsukasa is for it but he would be the manager. Not appearing fussed at getting soaked alongside Hiroki when he uses the hose, he pays attention to Kenji approaching them. He then retires to their apartment to get changed.

Not happy Tsukasa is speaking to someone else

Within he prepares some coffee whilst on the phone to Kaori, and then ignores what Hiroki is saying by busying himself with a newspaper. His phone is seized and flung across the room by Hiroki, taking issue with Tsukasa's facial expression when speaking to the woman on the other end.

Explaining that she is a client and that Hiroki is acting like a child, he is wrestled to the ground by Hiroki before Kenji enter the room. Tsukasa is happy to hear the offer of managing the bar, then asks how much the rent money is. He explains a letter Kenji has noticed was on the floor when the newspaper arrived. With Kaori calling again, Tsukasa retrieves the phone, his body is then licked by Hiroki, before he restrains Kenji who is clearly distressed.[6]

Saying he is leaving

Listening to what he has to say, Tsukasa smiles as it is pieced together what the situation is. After having packed his possessions, he bids farewell to Kenji and heads out with Hiroki, waving to Satoru.[7]

A memory shows Tsukasa pacifying Kenji, and telling him to forget everything that happened today. When Katsuragi arrives, he explains they planted a thought in his mind that would set Kenji off when he touched a trigger, in this case a letter.

He stops Hiroki from doing anything further when he uses his mind on Katsuragi, and tries to rouse him since he is trapped in his memories. With Kenji having to be crushed now, Tsukasa suggests he and Hiroki modify his memories so he remembers Yokota as someone capable of murder and suicide, instead of having Kenji murdered as Katsuragi ordered.

Retorting that not following the rules is what results in memories not matching up, Tsukasa explains that memories are not historical records, rather a mix of what happened in the past and the person's feelings. He is surprised that Katsuragi agrees to their plan, before suspecting Hiroki's involvement with his decision.

Holding the flower stigma

Arriving within a Peak

Holding Hiroki's arm, Tsukasa transforms into a fluid version of himself swirling around Hiroki as a goldfish as they travel to Kenji's best memory. Underwater, he breaches the surface and lands on a hibiscus flower. He is small compared to Hiroki, having to become a droplet of water on his tail fin to get here. Commenting that Hiroki has definitely gotten faster, he might even be a match for Satoru's door.

Tsukasa in the bar visualization

Viewing the bar memory

Heading to the memory of where Kenji first met Yokota, Tsukasa is carried by Hiroki as they look around the bar environment they find themselves in. Watching Kenji fight Yokota over a woman they have dated, it would be easy to swap the Yokota from this locus, and Tsukasa adds they will have to erase any memory of their work together.

Travelling to a memory of Kenji and Yokota using needles whilst they discuss the work Katsuragi offers, Tsukasa tells Hiroki there is a good chance this work is connected to Kenji's Valley. He says they will have to look at the Peak and Valley. Seeing that the Valley is of Kenji's childhood and does not involve Katsuragi, the memories are fine to be erased after the Peak has been visited.

He along with everyone else are returned to the apartment due to Hiroki, and Tsukasa tends to him in his faint, weakened state. With Hiroki not wanting Kenji to be crushed, Tsukasa asks Katsuragi to give them more time. He suggests heading in with Satoru and sees Hiroki reject that suggestion. Standing in what should be the peak, he points out Hiroki is pushing himself too hard and is still part goldfish.

Spotting Kenji and Yokota emerge, Tsukasa's plan is to switch Yokota with Katsuragi as the one who suggests that Kenji open a bar. This would allow Kenji's peak to be kept, and replace the good memory of Yokota so that Kenji remembers him as a murderer so that Kenji does not feel the need to investigate, and so be killed by Katsuragi.

Melting into water, he searches for a representation of Katsuragi. Finding a small one on a speedboat, he will play Katsuragi and tells Hiroki to play Yokota. As Katsuragi he suggests to Kenji that he open a bar. His plan is successful as though the peak is a lesser golden sunset, he explains to Hiroki he has saved Kenji's life.

In the car with Satoru, he responds to Hiroki's imploring that they open their own place and live a respectable life by replying it sounds good and he will run it by the company.[8]

With Hiroki he had indeed opened their own place, a store selling pet aquarium fish. Katsuragi arrives, and Tsukasa states that he has to resume jobs for him to pay off for the store. He says he will do them by himself so that Hiroki does not have to, and encourages him to look after the store whilst he is gone.

On this job, he overhears people discuss someone named Inui and speaking with him sat alone in a bar, Tsukasa introduces himself as the guy with the channel for selling uppers and asks if he got his message. Taking a seat, he busies himself with conversation that he has some connections among musicians and celebrities. Gently waving his hat around all the while he accidentally knocks over a glass and with Inui making physical contact by grabbing his arm, Tsukasa gains access to Inui's mind.


Viewing Inui's peak with Satomi

At the first point, he is viewing a memory of President Chen asking Satomi if he can set up a meeting with Zhou somehow.

Tsukasa confirms the rumor that Inui is at Satomi's beck and call. Going deeper, to Inui's childhood, he sees Inui's abusive mother and other past details. Tsukasa views Inui's upbringing as all elements of his valley but with the moment of Inui found by Satomi, he feels there is someone behind Satomi.

In the car with Satoru and Katsuragi, he explains posing as Satomi will not get them anywhere. Whilst Satomi is definitely a part of Inui's peak, it is not really Satomi and that Inui is projecting another person onto Satomi. Tsukasa has an idea of who the real person is and heads out to conform. He declines Satoru's help having made a promise to Hiroki.

A valley formed by something longed for

At an indoor baseball drill facility, Tsukasa pulls up a bat whilst speaking to Inui beside him. Taking ahold of his arm, he witnesses Inui's mother striking him with a ladle and sees Inui take a bat from a young boy. In the scenario where Inui tries to steal the bat from Kenta's father, Tsukasa stands within a stone like world and notes the thing Inui longed for most of all became his valley.

Revisiting the peak with this knowledge, something has dawned on Tsukasa and he leaves. Part of what he knows is relayed to others, with the job culminating on a golf course. Tsukasa appears as Inui's mother bellowing that counselor Zhou is his enemy, whilst depicting Zhou as Satomi with the mannerisms of Kenta's father demanding Inui give the bat back. Tsukasa takes no action as Inui slams a golf club into Zhou, before being shot dead by Zhou's accomplices.
Ep 3 - Tsukasa and Hiroki

Teaching Hiroki how to run their store

It is evening as Tsukasa returns to Fish & Fish and is just as happy to be back as Hiroki is to see him. Praising him for running their shop, in the morning he teaches Hiroki how to use the cash register before leaving on another task for Katsuragi. Asking why it has to be them, he hears Mr. Hayashi has been found.[9]

Episode 4 - Tsukasa spying

"No one understands that man like I do"

Taking part in a plot with Katsuragi, Tsukasa watches from a nearby building as he receives a call from an agent, Tanaka, who has attained a delivery boy's number who is in contact with Hayashi. They have found Hayashi's whereabouts yet Tsukasa thinks to investigate the ramen shop believing Hayashi to be using it as a point of contact. Unconvinced with Katsuragi's view of the situation, Tsukasa voices just killing him as suggested is unrealistic since it is likely Hayashi is working to have Satoru leave Katsuragi as well. He ends the conversation the way he wanted as Tsukasa heads to investigate the ramen shop.

With Katsuragi demanding change from a delivery boy, Tsukasa offers to let him keep it before influencing him to answer some questions first. One concerns Mr. Tanaka in apartment 302.

Answering a call from Hiroki, Tsukasa was aware of lookouts monitoring them, justifying that it is Company policy before suggesting that Hiroki just forget they are there. Tsukasa affirms that he wants to go home soon too and replies that he will text Hiroki later.

He calls the Pizza Hut store and asks Ron what is he doing there when he hears him on the phone. Hanging up, he runs and successfully finds Hayashi in person before he drives away.[10] Happy to reach him in time, Tsukasa asks if he had not hear from Katsuragi. Joining him in the car, he reveals Satoru, who Hayashi is looking for, is not at the hotel right now but he knows where he is in Tokyo.

Speaking to him along the way, Tsukasa mentions the time he asked the CEO for a drivers license, and was laughed at since he was thirteen at the time. His warm manner of speaking shifts to answering that Hayashi will not indeed be able to see Satoru, since he is under close surveillance. What is more, the car they are in is being tracked, yet Tsukasa continues to elaborate that is exactly why Hayashi picked this car so he could use it as a decoy by getting someone else to drive it. Praising this plan, Tsukasa also raises Hayashi being the one who showed Satoru how to handle the lookouts as well.

Complimenting him transfers to Tsukasa explaining that letting himself into Hayashi's car was his one big mistake. After a pause, Tsukasa replies that he has seen Meiling. As the car comes to a halt in a woodland area, Tsukasa expresses to Hayashi that Meiling has to be his greatest masterpiece. Even though she has no personality, that is where she is successful since Hayashi has made a pet that will be loyal forever.

Piecing together that Hayashi intends to make a run with Satoru, Tsukasa is reduced to tears realizing that Hayashi intends to save Satoru, but really does not care about him at all. Tsukasa asks why he would return just to run away, before revealing that he is to crush Hayashi. If Tsukasa does that, the CEO is going to make him his son where he will also finally become a Company executive.

Putting it all down to Hayashi's selfish attempt to escape, Tsukasa chides him for not continuing to just make "babies" for the Company. Helping them was another significant mistake since he does not know how indebted people feel when having a Peak shared with them. Remembering to when he was a child, Tsukasa was facing having his body used for organ harvesting. He tells Hayashi being someone's everything can be very dangerous as well. With the strong bonds they have, if they spread any further, it may become a threat to the Company. This is why Tsukasa asked them to keep Meiling away from Hayashi. To stop such a bond from forming, she could not be allowed to have personality. Not viewing it as awful, Tsukasa points out Hayashi was the one who told him to join the Company.

Door memory

His perspective

All he has done for the last twelve years is follow what the company said because he had no choice, and because Hayashi told him to. Crying, Tsukasa remembers when he was younger where Hayashi revealed he could look after him, in addition to Satoru. The winding door memory also shows Tsukasa hearing from Hayashi that if he absolutely insisted, then the three of them could live together. Beaming, Tsukasa as a child says that Hayashi never said that to him back then, and laughs asking if he is seriously trying to rewrite his memories.

Assuming his water image, Tsukasa enquires what Hayashi wants to redo, how he waited for him expecting Hayashi at the end, or worked tirelessly to infiltrate the Company. Water emanates out of him into Hayashi's currents of air, as Tsukasa voices now has a personality and other gifts from him. If Hayashi wants to redo that and return Tsukasa to an uncommunicative kid then he will have to crush him. Tsukasa announces if Hayashi loses, he will crush Satoru.

Episode 5 - Using images

Preparing to engage Hayashi

His water form is blown away, and as a boy Tsukasa is standing beside Katsuragi on the grounds of a manor, hearing himself addressed as a pet. With Hayashi appearing in his vision, Tsukasa wonders what he is doing this time. Changing into water, stating his memories cannot be changed, Tsuksa declares having a memory bank that cannot be revised by anybody is the one sliver of pride a pet like him can hold onto. To this end he has created a powerful lock.

Episode 5 - Hayashi finds them

Tracked by Hayashi

Travelling through a purple landscape, Tsukasa is in a small fish tank informing the young Hiroki about locks, explaining that if he creates some Valleys around his Peak, people will be too scared to enter and tamper with his memories. Seeing Hayashi join them, Tsukasa confirms his pet has a pretty weak lock, unlike his own. Hearing that Hayashi knows where to find his Valley, and reach his Peak, Tsukasa's water form gradually falls away, with his face smirking as it is done so.[1]

In a memory he is on an estate, met by the CEO, before his finds the countryside landscape in a large scale state of decay with dismembered bodies and entrails around. Blood is coming from Tsukasa's eyes with a hunting dog, and the CEO's face making up the sky as he hears he is to forget about Hayashi. Relating to the pitiful dog waiting for its master remark, Tsukasa notices Hayashi appear in the vision.
Pet 6 - Tsukasa's vision

The decomposing landscape

Observing a decomposing hunting dog, Tsukasa questions if Hayashi is really trying to change his memories. Becoming water, Tsukasa emerges from the stream in the new mountainous landscape. He tells Hayashi floating above him that the strength of his lock is not just for show. Contemplating the speed of his image compared to Hayashi's and Hiroki's goldfish image, Tsukasa realized that his was slow due to the strength of his own lock. Right here in his Peak is an area where the lock has a restraint on his limits.

Considering that being in ones Peak makes them the king of the hill, until an intruder appears, Tsukasa turns into water which encloses around Hayashi. Explaining that Hayashi's Peak is also a fragile place where his sensitivity is unchecked, Tsukasa voices that is was wise to have a secure lock after all as tendrils of water contain Hayashi in an orb prison in the air. Tsukasa feels like he has caught a burglar who was caught trying to pick his lock.

Since he is water, Tsukasa uses a puddle ability to go from his Peak into Hayashi's. Tsukasa reveals his trick of his is a back door, something to be left whenever he enters a memory locus. He entered Hayashi's Peak when he first shared it with Tsukasa. He does not have to search through Valleys protecting the Peak to find it, by linking Hayashi's Peak with his using a puddle he has synced his way here. This trick is only possible when his lock is unbolted, and all the while Tsukasa is gleefully causing the stream to rise up into the air.

Pet 6 - Blood rain

Indifferent to the rain of blood

Not thinking it would work as well as this, he listens as Hayashi tells him that Tsukasa removing his lock from his own Peak to come here has also linked directly to Tsukasa's Peak. Crushing this place will also affect Tsukasa's Peak as well, but as the sky obnubilates with dark clouds, he replies what does it matter anymore. Looking to Hayashi as a few drops of blood fall from above, Tsukasa stands among the deluge of body parts raining upon him before being overcome by the ocean of blood.

Within the forest his body lies comatose as he is attempted to be roused by Katsuragi. At some point before, it is remembered that he told Katsuragi if anything happened to him, to take him back to Hiroki. In his crushed state Tsukasa stares open mouthed at nothing, and his unresponsive body is returned to the Fish & Fish store where Hiroki awaits.

Pet 6 - An active image

Crushed, with his image still working

With his face held by Hiroki, water globules are formed nearby from his Image still working, despite whatever has happened to his memory loci. Inwardly Tsukasa lays floating in the sea of blood with his torso from the chest split down the centre. He opens his eyes to Hiroki and asks what he is doing. Chuckling that it is because his lock is weak, Tsukasa begins to sink. He repeats the words on why he is being worried about, and what he said about the first time he was in the car with Hayashi. Able to make eye contact with Hiroki, he is swallowed by his goldfish and taken to Hiroki's Peak, an epipelagic sunlit area of a vast body of water. Conscious, Tsukasa demands to know why he was brought here. Hearing that Hiroki wants to wash away the bad stuff from his Peak, Tsukasa clarifies whether this should be done with the link here still in place.
Pet 6 - Welcoming Tsukasa back

Rescued by Hiroki

He believes Hiroki can do it before being swallowed and transferred to his own Peak and sees it purified. He notices Hiroki's goldfish tail being all torn up, before awakening by the fish tanks. Laying his hand on Hiroki's head, he thanks him.[3]

Sat against the fish tanks, he says it has been a long time when Long arrives. Finding it challenging to stand and steadied by Hiroki, he replies to Ron he is a bit busy and can he revisit.

From a memory of his childhood, as he scoops up some water from the river, he pulls up an organ still attached to a decomposing human with maggots in it. In a similar state, Hayashi is speaking for him to get out, and in the present he wakes up screaming. Having an IV drip attached to his wrist, his flailing is calmed by Hiroki.

By morning, he says over the phone that it is no problem concerning a job three days from now, he will get his pet to do it. Noticing Hiroki listening at the door, he understandably asks what is he up to before answering that it was Katsuragi on the phone. Telling him not to worry about the habit they have of speaking in Chinese, Tsukasa says sorry to Hiroki, that this must be hard for him. With Hiroki telling him of the beta fish fighting, he explains that sometimes two of the same species start a turf war if they are put together.

Looking at the rice, he cannot eat it since anything slightly slimy is not going to go down well for quite some time. Even though Hiroki enthusiastically offers to make him pancakes, Tsukasa raises that he must be overwhelmed and suggests they both move to a hotel. Without emotion, Tsukasa says he is afraid he will be working for the Company when Hiroki is adamant he will not let him. With a new job coming up, Tsukasa tells him he cannot do it in this condition, so he has to ask Hiroki to do it for him.

With Hiroki feeling that he does not care about him, Tsukasa replies that trust only lasts until someone involved changes their mind. He spent his life thinking he could not survive unless someone needed him. With him raised by the Company for the organ trade, he is only alive since they saw he had the ability thanks to his Peak giver. Whilst he says Hiroki was needed from the very beginning, he was not, so he did whatever it took to try and prove his worth. In response to Hiroki suggesting they leave and start a life for themselves, Tsukasa replies that there is no retiring from the Company business.

Pet 7 - Discussing

Yawning loudly, he thinks he needs a rest before taking Hiroki's hand. Rhetorically asking if he knows his fish tank locus, Tsukasa states there is a goldfish he would like to put in there. In the locus he has synced with Hiroki, but he is not sure he can remain in his water form for too long. They are speaking here since the apartment might be bugged, reminding Hiroki they were being watched. If they ran away from the Company, they would be pursued until they were dead. He assures Hiroki that they do not exactly have to work with them forever. Tsukasa reasons that the Company needs them now more than ever and they can use that to their advantage. It will soon be their turn to make the Company do what they want, suggesting that they need to start giving conditions under which they are willing to work, that way they will be able to live their lives how they wish.

There is a way for them to not do the jobs they hate, by him and Hiroki sharing their Peaks. He has something he wants to show Hiroki and once he sees it he will understand everything he has been saying. The Company has it now, but he will show it to him someday. Tsukasa says this is sure to work if they do it together, and he asks Hiroki to trust him.

Laying in bed, Tsukasa thinks he has Hiroki and with him by his side, and is sure he can start again from scratch, before wondering what to start. Deciding he needs to tell Hiroki everything about the "babies," the Company needs people who can make more. Due to this, Tsukasa decides that Satoru has got to go. Joining Hiroki, Katsuragi, and Satoru in the kitchen downstairs, he replies that he might have gone a bit too far when asked if he dyed his hair.[11]

Giggling as Hiroki asks if he looks weird dressed as a waiter, Tsukasa informs him Katsuragi will be here to transport him soon. Asking him to please fit in today, he says he is sorry to be making Hiroki do this. When Satoru is mentioned, Tsukasa advises that Hiroki not mention their back door trick since even as an Image user they may not be able to trust him.

Hearing the doorbell, Tsukasa tells Hiroki he must not fight with Katsuragi either. He is briefed that a car with be here to pick him up in thirty minutes, then asks if the CEO is in Beijing. Alone, Tsukasa thinks he is sure the CEO will want to know how he managed to come back from being crushed, and that Long would have reported it, but they would not have the faintest idea what his pet did. Blissful that they thought he was crushed, but he is alive as ever, Tsukasa figures they do not even have images so will never work out how he did it.

As he dresses, Tsukasa turns his attention to crushing Satoru and how he need only enter his Peak once. Contemplating Ron's face, Tsukasa thinks it is time to bring Meiling into play, for Satoru to see her Peak. Expecting Satoru to take her to his Peak, Tsukasa relishes the idea of sneaking in as well. Humming to himself all the while and thoroughly enjoying his scheming, Tsukasa suddenly brings up a sizeable amount of water from his mouth.

Transported, Tsukasa remembers honing his abilities as a child where he was timed on how long it took to crush someone. Served a drink on a private plane, Tsukasa hears it is Louis Roederer Cristal Brut. Interrupting the flight attendant, Tsukasa assumes she must be new before stating he prefers bottled water, unopened, as he slides the glass off the table.

Thinking to himself, he knows what the CEO's game is, he will use the chance of seeing Hayashi again as a carrot to keep Satoru walking, it worked on him after all for twelve years. Considering that Hayashi's imprints are all over Meiling, if Satoru meets her he will never suspect that Hayashi is already dead, but Tsukasa feels it has to be him that brings them together since that will be his chance to enter Satoru's Peak.[2]

Attending a dinner with the CEO and Ron, Tsukasa explains that he caught Hayashi off guard then entered and crushed his Peak. He alters one aspect that he got caught up in the crushing which made him fall unconscious, withholding the reality that he was outright crushed and benefitted from Hiroki's help.

Interested in what happened to Hayashi's body, Tsukasa presses for answers stating that he was unconscious so was not able to make sure he was completely crushed. Deeming it a relief to hear that the body was burnt, Tsukasa mentions Satoru and how it would be a problem if there was a grave, they need Satoru to think Hayashi is still alive. To prevent him from thinking that anything is amiss, Tsukasa intends to introduce Satoru to Meiling as soon as possible. Speaking at ease, he explains the reasoning that if Satoru meets her, he will never expect that Hayashi has been killed by the Company. Tsukasa is taken aback at hearing the CEO say he is not to have any further contact with Satoru.

Internally cursing the CEO, outwardly Tsukasa maintains a polite front, he will need to meet with Satoru, since he understands the most about Meiling as well. Thinking if he cannot meet Satoru then how can he crush him, Tsukasa hears he will be in trouble if Satoru learns it is him who crushed Hayashi. Beginning to sweat, Tsukasa turns to Ron at being told that his pet has a discipline problem. Saying that Hiroki will do what he tells him, Tsukasa understands the Company wants Hiroki to take orders from them even if he is not by Hiroki's side. He also feels the CEO is threatening him to do what he says or Satoru will be sent to attack.

He also is under the impression that the CEO is demanding he hand over Hiroki to the Company in order for them to keep quiet about Hayashi. Tsukasa states to the CEO he can have Hiroki work, but truly does not mean to. He attempts to convince the CEO of this lie with the reasoning that he is going to be more busy from now on and has been thinking it was time to get Hiroki to stand on his own two feet.

His vision blurs with anger as he considers the prospect of Hiroki being taken away from him considering the connection they have. As his smile becomes all the more contorted, the table is laden with decomposing body parts including an eyeless head in a punch bowl as Tsukasa concludes that the beaming CEO wants him to order Hiroki to do as the Company wishes. It is the same thing Hayashi told him, and Tsukasa knows how that turned out.

Requesting a pistol to protect himself, Tsukasa means to head back to Japan and blow Satoru's brains out. His teeth are chattering in a cold fury as he thinks everywhere he turns Satoru is there. It is all Satoru's fault, and Tsukasa cannot prevent himself from regurgitating a large volume of water all over himself. Told he is not an employee like Katsuragi, Tsukasa intends to let Hiroki know the situation of why he needs to carry a gun but the request is denied.

Ignoring the CEO speaking that they are to head to Shanghai, Tsukasa stares fixed on the thought that there is still a way. If Hiroki gets close to Satoru then he can crush him.[4]

Finding Hiroki in their fish store, Tsukasa has tears as he presses for further information on Hayashi who was mentioned. Stating that there is a bug in the cash register, Tsukasa recommends they head to his fish tank Locus for him to explain what a pet is. He uses his image to take Hiroki to a memory with Katsuragi present in a meeting where he was told by Ron that his pet is causing problems.

Within the memory he turns to Hiroki to states that Hayashi is the one they should be worrying about now. Rhetorically questioning why the Company has been keeping Hayashi alive after he was crushed, Tsukasa is sure it is so they can prove to Satoru that Tsukasa was the one who crushed him. He also suspects the CEO knows that people yearn to be with their Peak givers so intensely that it is like a curse, and now he is planning on using Satoru to make Tsukasa do as he wishes. Tsukasa darkly shares his plan that they will crush Satoru before that happens.

His face appears blank as he is questioned why he crushed his own Peak giver. Turning away, he replies that Hayashi did not like his idea of having pets without Locks. Telling Hiroki it is not his problem since no one is asking him to make Babies, Tsukasa has another reason for his actions, that Hayashi ran away and was a traitor. He hears a reminder that Hiroki does not want to be told what to do by the Company, something Tsukasa remembers he agrees with, he is doing this so they can both be free.

The issue for Tsukasa is that the Company wants to take Hiroki away from him and if he does not let them do so then they will reveal to Satoru that he crushed Hayashi. Assuming that Satoru would target the person who gave him his Peak, Tsukasa reiterates his plan to crush Satoru pre-emptively.

Suggested that they run away, he asks why he would do the same thing as Hayashi before being challenged with the question on why he would work for a Company whose rules he cannot stand. With the simplicity of running away dawning on Tsukasa, he wonders why he even crushed Hayashi for running.

His increasing agitation is further flared at Hiroki's well meaning statement that Tsukasa did not crush his Peak giver, that he was wrong. Assuming his water Image, he calmly responds that he is not wrong and for Hiroki not to contradict him. His calmness returns as he then understands that Hiroki is just saying those things since he does not want Satoru to be crushed, and so Tsukasa kindly suggests they head to Hiroki's Peak to erase his memories of Satoru.

Ejected from the memory, Tsukasa reaches out to Hiroki before being overcome with rage at him running away. Infuriated and shouting for him to open the door, Tsukasa realizes that Hiroki has fled outside. Heading to the front door from the inside, Tsukasa shouts for the Lookouts that are monitoring the store via wiretap and orders them not to lose him.

Seizing the metallic shutters, Tsukasa wrenches them down with his hands which draws blood. Seeing Hiroki on the other side of the front door glass, Tsukasa's anger is replaced with unease as he asks whether Hiroki is going to leave him behind. He assures Hiroki he will go with him, but his maniacal behaviour here is to distract Hiroki to the Pizza Hut Lookout approaching him from behind with a taser. With Hiroki tripping his would be ambusher, Tsukasa has his blooded hands pressed against the windows, and clench jawed shouts to Hiroki that he cannot escape. Tsukasa orders the Lookout after him, to not let him get away.

Katsuragi has arrived at the store, where Tsukasa has been smashing the fish tanks. He does not feel widening the search is necessary, he just knows Hiroki will be nearby. Taking the phone from Katsuragi, he curses who he believes is Ron on the other end as a liar, before hearing from the CEO that he was only told Hayashi was dead since he hated him so much. Aware that Hiroki was lured by Hayashi's image at the hospital, Tsukasa is reminded of and considers Hiroki's Lock which when broken would have the contents seep out. He requests the CEO send Ron and Meiling to Japan.

Joining Katsuragi and Ron in the kitchen, Tsukasa appears delirious, but is articulating his plans coherently whilst wiping fluid away from his mouth. With Hayashi's Image leaking out because his Lock was broken, Tsukasa suspects Meiling is in the same state and her butterfly is fluttering about now waiting for someone to sync with it, they only need Hiroki to find the butterfly so they can sync with him from far away to find out where he is hiding.

The wild and markedly unhinged look on Tsukasa's face is only quelled slightly at hearing that there is no need to persuade Hiroki to come back, they have been ordered to kill him. Angrily demanding to know why, Tsukasa heats that with Hiroki knowing he crushed his Peak giver he will not listen to him since the trust is gone. Aware that the plan he just shared is also how Ron and Meiling now know where to find Hiroki for their purposes, Tsukasa softly says he does not have to kill him, then attempts to persuade Ron to alter his memories instead to comply with Company orders.

His smile returning, Tsukasa suggests they could make Hiroki think his Peak giver is the CEO. The scheme just needs Satoru onboard where they will have the upper hand. In response to Ron's concern that Satoru finds out that Tsukasa crushed Hayashi, he replies what if he found out that Hiroki did it. With the story being that Hiroki crushed Hayashi for going against the idea of making Babies, Tsukasa feels of course Satoru would be more than willing to change Hiroki's memories. Offering Ron and Katsuragi the prospect of having the Company tame both Hiroki and Satoru, privately in Tsukasa's thoughts this is his chance to have Satoru near so that he can crush him.[5]

When Satoru joins him, Tsukasa asks whether his Peak has a rainbow. Stating that Hayashi shared his Peak with him as well, Tsukasa explains that he promised Hayashi he would not tell Satoru this until he said he wants to be an employee. Further, that both he and Hayashi decided to join the Company of their own free will, and did not want Satoru to feel coerced.

Crying out in anguish when Satoru sees that Hayashi has been crushed, Tsukasa delivers the lie that Hiroki done it. Explaining that Meiling has an image but was raised differently to them, he suggests Satoru check her Peak and see. Entering it himself, he eases himself in by reminding Meiling to focus on her butterfly, and then says that Hayashi did not let this child have a lock since that would allow her to sync up to a target without touching them. Building upon Satoru's anger on why Hayashi would not teach Meiling how to create a Lock, Tsukasa states that Hiroki said the same thing and used that as justification to crush Hayashi.

Exiting, he answers Satoru that he has not seen Hayashi in twelve years and he had told him to come back and take care of Meiling. If she were in his Peak she would not have to constantly look at her butterfly and he states Hayashi thought that would be okay. He asks Katsuragi to show them his memories, and views a memory where Hayashi indeed reveals how to make a baby. This is a doctored memory since originally Tsukasa revealed how to create babies, but the altered memory replaces him with Hayashi stating the details.

Pressing forward with the plan, he suggests to Satoru that Hiroki be found and his memories changed. They consider how to deal with Hiroki being able to kick people out of a memory Loci, and using Satoru's door to move to another Locus is the means to overcome that.

After suggesting Satoru takes Meiling to her Peak, Tsukasa waits for Ron to order him to join them since Hayashi could have passed a message along. Emerging from the river, he finds it fascinating to see two rainbows in Satoru's Peak. Out, he says for Satoru to relax and that they are even now since Satoru will be entering his Peak when changing Hiroki's memories. Outwardly cheerful, inwardly Tsukasa thinks this is when he would use his back door trick. Alone, he enters a somewhat energised excited state at the development of his plans.

As he feeds Hayashi, he thinks Hiroki only ran away since he did not want to crush Satoru. Tsukasa feels that if he does this himself then Hiroki will come back to him for sure.[12]

Images Edit

Relationships Edit

Tsukasa interacts with various characters throughout the Pet story, for his views on and relationships with other characters: Tsukasa/Relationships

Abilities Edit

Water Image Edit

Using the image of water, Tsukasa can become a fluid like version of himself to travel between memory points in people after rendering them in a suitable condition for doing so. Water can drip away to envelop others and he can leave behind puddles in other people's Peaks to act as a back door entrance to them. Tsukasa feels his image is slow compared to others on account of it being water, or so he mistakenly believed. In reality, Tsukasa's image's speed is hindered by his lock's strength since the stronger his locks are, the slower his water can move.

Peak Edit

He gained the mountainous landscape Peak from Hayashi, including the vibrant meadows with patches of pink flowers spread intermittently, with a winding river through it. The mountains on either side and blue skies also made up Tsukasa's Peak. The difference to Hayashi's Peak is the absence of large black butterflies. Tsukasa's also does not have a rainbow, neither butterflies since he hates bugs.

Valley Edit

A torrential downpour of blood quickly turns a Peak into an ocean of dismembered and rotten body parts. Tsukasa floats on the surface with his body from the chest down vertically sliced open in his Valley.


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