The Company is an organization operating in at least China and Japan in the Pet series. Headed by the CEO, it involves Employees that uses crushers in its yet unstated goals.

History Edit

It was formed by the CEO who brought his father and the qigong masters he was a part of from aiding the mafia to training crushers for the Company.[1]

Members Edit

CEO Edit



Employees Edit

Signing a contract is a requirement and Employees enjoy greater freedoms within the world.

Crushers Edit

Usually but not always pets, people who are used as tools to carry out goals that usually end in a person's physical or mental demise.

Practices Edit

The upper members assign lookouts to monitor the activities of pets.

Story Edit

Counselor Zhou has been working to expand the Company's reach in Japan. It was both for his financial, and for his country's benefit, yet Jin thanks him for it regardless.

With Hayashi able to turn people he came across into pets who could never disobey orders, but not wanting to share his Peak for this purpose, the Company issued an ultimatum. He could continue to create puppets, or crush Satoru.

References Edit

  1. Episode 5: Locks
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