Satoru's Mother is a character in Pet, who takes her son to hospital out of concern for him, whilst facing issues with the relationship with her husband at home.


She has medium length brown hair parted on either side of her face, and light brown eyes. For clothing she is seen wearing a mauve colored jumper with the sleeves rolled up to her elbows and a blue dress along with a dark cream apron worn over them both.


Feeling unsupported by her husband, and disheartened by Satoru watching the same anime again, she takes measures to change what troubles her. These range from seeking a doctor's assistance for her son, to contemplating suicide as pay back for the way her husband treats her including having affairs. Even when at her wit's end, she foremost remains a caring mother.

Story Edit

Satoru's mother's inner turmoil

Her plans to get back at her husband for his mistreatment

Satoru's mother has brought her son to hospital, concerned that her son is watching the same anime. Detailing one such instance, at the time she was washing dishes in the kitchen and considers her husbands attitude towards herself. Frustrated, she reasons that is the reason he is having affairs. Thinking how to get her own back against him, she gleefully considers committing suicide.

The inner fantasy is visualized by Satoru, and she heads to comfort him as he bangs his head against a table, asking why does he always do this.

Back at the hospital she tells the doctor she thinks she should have Satoru committed and begins sobbing.[1]

A photograph is seen of her with Manabu, her husband, after they both passed away in an accident.[2]

The visualization of slicing herself up is remembered by Satoru as he describes the unpleasantness of being trapped inside people's feelings.[3]

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Relationships Edit

Satoru Edit

She was concerned for her son after injuring himself. At hospital with him, she expresses that it is like Satoru has no emotions whatsoever, and she sometimes feels as if he does not even recognise her as his mother.

Manabu Edit

Her husband does nothing to help her with Satoru, stating that he busy with business trips. She feels he places all the blame on her, further that it is her fault that Satoru was born this way. She views his affairs as him spiting her.

References Edit

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