Sakamoto is a character in the Pet series. A member of the yakuza, he is targeted by his own for the mafia to save face for the Chens arriving in the country.

Appearance Edit

He has short brown hair, short eyebrows with a slight amount of facial stubble, and notably small eyes. Sakamoto is seen wearing formal attire.

Personality Edit

Enjoying the company of ladies, he gifts them money seemingly in keeping with his possessive view of them.

Story Edit

Sakamoto is exiting a bar accompanied by two well-dressed ladies and is asked when he can be seen again. Squeezing ones cheeks, the answer is that it will not be long and he places some pocket money within her cleavage.

Joining accomplices, he notices someone with a baseball bat approaching, and recognizes him as Inui. In an alleyway, his men are knocked out and he implores Inui to give a message to Satomi that it was not his idea; it was the Chinese Embassy’s. He cries out in agony as his shin is crushed by a baseball bat.

News of this incident reaches Satomi, and Sakamoto is seen motionless in the alleyway.[1]

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Relationships Edit

Satomi Edit

Unknowingly targeted by his fellow yakuza member, Sakamoto feels he would listen to a message.

Inui Edit

The enforcer sent to brutalize him and his men, his attempts to reason with him are unsuccessful.

References Edit

  1. Episode 3: Jobs
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