Revenge is the title of the seventh episode of the Pet anime. The CEO and senior members of the Chen group meet and deliver their plans. Hiroki helps Tsukasa recover.

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Ron uses Meiling to modify Dahao's memories so he hears from Shengjie Chen that he is to murder his grandfather on the Chen yacht.

Attending the meeting naked, the CEO uses this opportunity to have Shengjie Chen work for him forever.

Hiroki is looking after Tsukasa who is weak in his recovery from being crushed. Speaking within a locus, Hiroki agrees to do Katsuragi's job for him as they plan together.

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Pet-7-Pointing out a target

Guiding Meiling

Dahao's driver waits outside an underground parking lot as he is approached by Ron and Meiling.

Late, Dahao chides the woman he is with since he is late for a meeting with his father and grandfather. He and his guard have their limousine stopped by Ron, who with Meiling tap into his memories. Dahao remembers his father's anger on allowing their distribution channels in Japan to be taken as Zhou is held partially accountable.

Pet-7-Dahao before his father

Dahao's memory before his father

Within the memory, Ron has Meiling transplant himself in Dahao's father's visage to reveal that Dahao's grandfather wants him killed. Through his father, Ron plants the order that Dahao murder his grandfather to protect the Chen family's name, all the while Dahao is stuck in quicksand with large insects crawling over him.

Pet-7-Meiling's world

Meiling asks Hayashi to hurry back

Returning her butterfly, Meiling tells it not to look at a mass of burning in the distance of a grim landscape. Running from the sand and bugs, Meiling is told by Hayashi to just focus on her butterfly. Sitting on her own she asks him to come back soon.

Dahao awakens with his guard whose memories have also been altered by Ron. Making his way to the Fish & Fish store, he finds Katsuragi and then Hiroki. Discovering Tsukasa has not been crushed, and is conscious, Ron departs to report this.
Pet 7 - Chen family members

Dahao's grandfather and father of the Chen Group

On a yacht near some islands, Dahao meets with his father and grandfather. They have their business channels back but consider the CEO will need to be killed if he no longer becomes useful. They hear that he has arrived with two others, and the CEO, Ron and Meiling are made to attend the gathering naked.

Shengjie does not remember the CEO, to which he explains they met a long time ago through his father's work. Figuring Shengjie would not remember him with his changed name and appearance, the CEO reveals he is the son of Bai Shichang. As Shengjie realises the CEO is the son of a qigong master, Ron has clicked his fingers to activate Dahao to shoot his grandfather, and his guard shoots the others present. Having waited eighteen years, the CEO announces he will have Shengjie work for him forever.

Pet 7 - Dream turned nightmare

A dream turning into a nightmare

As a child, Tsukasa is with Hayashi in a Peak and reaching into the water pulls out an organ attached to a heavily decomposed body. Hayashi is in a similar state as he tells Tsukasa to get out of there before Tsukasa wakes from the nightmare.
Pet 7 - Discussing

Hiroki looking after Tsukasa

Hiroki calms him, and in the morning wonders why the three beta fish he has are fighting. Tsukasa's hair has gone partially white as he recovers, and is on the phone as he states he can get his pet to do a job. Hiroki listens in and though he does not understand the Mandarin being spoken, he remembers being told Tsukasa's condition was his fault since he avoided going with him. Noticing that Hiroki seems overwhelmed in preparing food, Tsukasa suggests they move into a hotel. Hiroki refuses since it will mean being in the pocket of the Company, but Tsukasa explains there is no retiring. He shares the call he just had concerned a job, Tsukasa says he cannot do it in this condition so asks Hiroki if he can.
Pet 7 - Discussing plans

Interacting in a locus

Taking Hiroki's hand, Tsukasa brings up his fish tank locus. Tsukasa and Hiroki as children interact in the fish tank memory, as they presently sync together. With the possibility that their apartment is bugged since they continue to be watched, here Tsukasa has a plan to have the Company do what they want rather than the other way around. A way for them to not do jobs they hate is for them to share their Peaks, and Tsukasa asks Hiroki to wait since the Company has something he wants to show him. Awakening, Hiroki agrees to do the jobs, and also get Tsukasa pancakes dripping with maple syrup, which he calls dark honey.
Pet 7 - Kitchen

Satoru joins Hiroki in the store kitchen.

As the yacht sails, Ron calls Jin to inform her that Tsukasa is now a "son" like them and voices he hates Tsukasa even more now for what he done to Hayashi with a mere one order from the top.

Lying in bed, Tsukasa considers what he can start. Feeling he needs to tell Hiroki about the "babies," he also feels it is a reason Satoru has to go. Satoru has joined Hiroki downstairs having dyed his hair. Katsuragi is also there as they contemplate the next job, with Tsukasa in the room as well.

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