The Pet (ペット, Petto) series is a franchise that comprises of a manga by Ranjō Miyake in original (2003) and remastered (2009) editions, anime, stage plays and other materials. This article is an overview on the entire series including the source material, and the world of Pet from characters, to the organizations and concepts that exist.

Overview Edit

In a world where some have the power to enter people's minds, there's also danger. The power of controlling memories can be used as a weapon or tool. Mysteries can be erased, minds can be assassinated and destroyed. However, this power can backfire and eat up one's heart. To counter it, chains are used to lock and protect each other's weak and dangerous heart. From one's growing fear and disdain, they're consequently called "Pet."

Characters Edit

Hiroki thum

Hiroki Edit

A pet who can use a goldfish image, tired of doing illicit jobs for the Company, Hiroki desires a good life with Tsukasa. Growing despondent running the fish store without Tsukasa, Hiroki takes over doing jobs for him with Satoru.

Tsukasa Edit

Using his water image to perform tasks for Katsuragi and the Company, Tsukasa continues working for them so that Hiroki does not have to. Both in people's memories and before them as people, he assumes the memories of others to manipulate them to the Company's ends. One of the jobs involves the resurgence of Hayashi. Tsukasa secretly aims to undermine the Company he works for.

Satoru thum

Satoru Edit

As a child he was subject to the turmoils of others, before receiving his own Peak from Hayashi which allowed him to form memories and function in the world. Gentle, he focuses on the job at hand as he works with Katsuragi and then Jin when he meets her.
Hayashi thum

Hayashi Edit

Possessing a wind image, it was Hayashi who shared his Peak with others including Satoru, Tsukasa and Meiling. He fled from the Company that resorting to using such people as puppets. He feels guilty and what he felt he was responsible for.

Katsuragi Edit

Acting as a manager of sorts, he has pets perform jobs on the Company's orders. He is effective at interacting with others professionally and goes to lengths to ensure jobs are completed.

Jin Edit

The niece of the CEO, Jin is an astute Company crusher though one that does not use an image. She desires to see the memories of someone who knew her mother and works with Satoru, sharing Company secrets with him.

Ron Edit

A member of the Company who is interested in creating a pet that is incapable of refusing to follow orders. He uses one such child, Meiling, and her Image to help tamper with other people's memories.

company president Edit

The CEO who runs the Company that makes extensive use of Lookouts and other training methods to ensure that people, pets or otherwise, further his own goals. Pets who betray the Company are ordered to be found and killed.

Concepts Edit

Images Edit

Specific abstract designs that can allow one to enter people's memories.

Peaks Edit

A construct that once made allows a person possessing abilities to have a semblance of a normal life.

Locus Edit

Memories that are often linked to Peaks.

Valleys Edit

Usually dark foreboding places that are made up of unpleasant feelings and experiences.

Locks Edit

Special types of Valleys.

Organizations Edit

Pet (Manga) Edit

The manga series is written and illustrated by Ranjō Miyake from 2002-2003 and is complete at five volumes. A remastered edition of the entire manga was released in 2009.

Pet Stage Plays Edit

Stage plays based on the manga featuring live acting were performed 2018-2019.

Pet: Kowareta Suiso Edit

The first stage play directed by Naohiro Ise. The title of the DVD release is Stage Play Pet, Broken Aquarium.

Pet: Niji no Aru Basho Edit

The second stage play with the title of the DVD release being A place with a rainbow.

Pet (Anime) Edit

The anime is based on the remastered manga, and is directed by Takahiro Omori. It began airing January 6, 2020 and has 13 episodes planned.

Pet (Music) Edit

Chō no Tobu Suisō  Edit

The ppening song for the anime.

image _____  Edit

The ending song for the anime.

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