Pet (ペット, Petto) is an anime based on the 2009 remastered edition of the Pet manga by Ranjō Miyake. Announced in March 2018 with an initial release date of October 2019, the anime was rescheduled and began airing on January 5, 2020.

Episode 1 and Episode 2 were released simultaneously at 12.00, premiering on Amazon Prime Video. Thirteen episodes have been announced which are released weekly internationally.


Some people have the power to enter other people's minds and manipulate memories. Their power has been used to cover up mysteries, cases and even assassinations. These powers can not only destroy other people's spirits but also erode the users heart at the same time. The users had to protect their fragile and insecure hearts, as if chained to each other. They are called "pets" out of fear and disdain.

Characters and Voice Actors Edit

Hiroki - (VA: Keisuke Ueda Japanese, Xander Mobus English) Edit

Tsukasa - (VA: Kishō Taniyama Japanese, Max Mittelman English) Edit

Satoru - (VA: Yūki Ono Japanese, Robbie Daymond English) Edit

Hayashi - (VA: Yasuyuki Kase Japanese, Patrick Seitz English) Edit

Katsuragi - (VA: Shunsuke Sakuya Japanese, Cam Clarke English) Edit

Jin - (VA: M.A.O Japanese, Kate Higgins English) Edit

Ron - (VA: Kōji Yusa Japanese, Keith Silverstein English) Edit

Company president - (VA: Nobuo Tobita Japanese, D. C. Douglas English) Edit


Pet Anime Episodes
Episode Number Episode Name Original Air date
The Crushers (Tsubushiya, 潰し屋)


Japan January 5, 2020
International January 6, 2020
As a child, Satoru interacts with Hayashi in a visualization of his mother's inner turmoils. Some time later, Hiroki and Tsukasa are working outside a bar. The owner, Kenji retrieves an item for Katsuragi before witnessing his friend Yokota willingly drive off a cliff. Investigating, Kenji hears the crushers are coming for him.
Views of the Peak (Yama" no Keshiki,「ヤマ」の景色)


Japan January 5, 2020
International January 13, 2020
For wanting to crush Kenji, Katsuragi is trapped in his own memory, requiring rescue by Satoru. Hiroki and Tsukasa delve into a memory of Kenji and Yokota diving with aurora and flowers around them. They view thoughts from a bar, and Kenji's Valley with his mother, modifying his memories to remember Yokota as a murderer instead of having him murdered for what he knows.
Jobs (Shigoto, 仕事)


Japan January 12, 2020
International January 20, 2020
Hiroki manages their own shop selling pet fish whilst Tsukasa continues work for Katsuragi to pay it off. Sakamoto is dealt with by the Yakuza to save face for the Chens entering the country. Tsukasa suspects something more than Satomi's influence over Inui, and alters Inui's thoughts to murder counselor Zhou on a golf course.
A Trap for Hayashi (Fukuro no Hayashi, 袋の林)


Japan January 12, 2020
International January 27, 2020
Hayashi took the child Satoru into his care. Presently, Tsukasa and Katsuragi have located Hayashi. Satoru creates Carrier Pigeons out of people to evade the lookouts on his room. The trap being set goes both ways as Hayashi finds Katsuragi first. Satoru makes his way to Hiroki as they are observed by Ron and Jin. Hayashi resorts to memories of Katsuragi's past including a doll representing his mother.
Locks (Kagi, 鍵)


Japan January 12, 2020

International February 3, 2020

Tsukasa seemingly helps Hayashi locate Satoru before addressing his actions in creating puppets for the Company. Satoru is met by Jin and receives an offer. Hayashi attempts to resolve the issues with Tsukasa by modifying his memory, delving ever further to where he identifies his Valley and is certain he can access his Peak.
Back Door (Urawaza, 裏技)


Japan January 12, 2020

International February 10, 2020

Hayashi enters Tsukasa's Peak from a memory concerning the CEO but this is where Tsukasa is at his most powerful. Satoru and Jin discuss working further together. Katsuragi finds both Tsukasa and Hayashi crushed. Tsukasa is brought back to Hiroki who swims through an ocean of blood to reach him and restore his Peak.
Revenge (Ribenji, リベンジ)


February 17, 2020
Ron uses Meiling to target Dahao Chen. Senior members of the Chen Group host the CEO of the Company on a yacht which determine's Shengjie Chen's fate. After experiencing a nightmare, Tsukasa is in bed recovering and shares details with Hiroki, there and in his Locus. Jin receives news from Ron that Tsukasa has attained the rank of "son," the same as them.
Intrigue (Sakubō, 策謀)


February 24, 2020
Hiroki is dressed as a waiter as he performs a job with Satoru to target an ambassador related to the Chen Group. Tsukasa is on his way to meet the CEO of the Company. Katsuragi and Jin assist in the job but Hiroki has reservations about this crushing task. After visiting a tropical landscape of the ambassador's memories with his father, Hiroki falls unconcious and is taken to hospital.
The Way the Wind Blows (Kaze no Michi, 風の道)


March 2, 2020
Conscious, Hiroki leaves the job to seek out an image user he can sense through the hospital. Attending dinner, Tsukasa's plans are undermined by the CEO who wants him to have Hiroki work for the Company. Finding Hayashi, Hiroki enters his memories to discover Tsukasa crushed him.
Broken Fish Tanks (Kowareta suisō, 壊れた水槽)


March 9, 2020
Remembering how they met as children, Hiroki is perturbed by Tsukasa's behaviour and runs away. Bringing Ron and Meiling, Tsukasa fronts a plan to locate Hiroki, whilst still sticking to his original goal concerning Satoru. Jin shares details of her mother with Satoru.
Reunion (Saikai, 再会)


March 16, 2020
Tsukasa attempts to persuade Satoru that Hiroki crushed Hayashi, whilst moving further to his own goals. Hiroki is hiding as he considers Tsukasa looked trapped, but is drawn to Meiling's butterfly. He is transferred to her Peak, where Satoru intends to crush him in vengeance.
Carrier Pigeon (Denshobato, 伝書鳩)


March 23, 2020
Hiroki is cornered but assured by Tsukasa this is a plan to crush Satoru. Hiroki escapes by cutting his own image in half before being physically captured by armed guards.
Rainbow (Niji, 虹)


March 30, 2020

Production Staff Edit

  • Original Manga Creator: Ranjō Miyake
  • Director: Takahiro Ōmori
  • Writer: Sadayuki Murai
  • Assistant: Ayumi Kotake
  • Character Design: Junichi Hayama
  • Animation Character Design: Masashi Kudo
  • Prop design: Daisuke Niizuma
  • Art director: Kentaro Akiyama / Tomoko Zama (Studio Pablo)
  • Color design: Reiko Iwasawa
  • Photography Director: Wakana Moriya
  • Music:
    • Hideyuki Shima
    • Hiroaki Tsutsumi
  • Series Composition: Sadayuki Murai
  • Anime Produced by:
    • Twin Engine
    • Geno Studio
  • Streamed Worldwide by: Amazon

Broadcast Details Edit

  • AT-X: Monday, January 6, 2020, every Monday at 23.00
  • BS11: Monday, January 6, 2020, every Monday at 23.00
  • HBC Hokkaido Broadcasting: Sunday, January 12, 2020, every Sunday from 25:25
  • TOKYO MX: Monday, January 6, 2020, every Monday at 22:00


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Promotional Anime Images Edit

The fist anime visuals for the series:

Video Materials Edit

TV『pet 』Anime Teaser Trailer

TV『pet 』Anime Teaser Trailer

00.35 length anime teaser

「pet」制作発表会 アニメキャスト解禁特別映像

「pet」制作発表会 アニメキャスト解禁特別映像

00.50 length cast appearances

TV「pet」animation 1 PV

TV「pet」animation 1 PV

00.50 PV



01.05 2nd PV

TVアニメ「pet」第3弾PV(EDテーマ「image 」眩暈SIREN)

TVアニメ「pet」第3弾PV(EDテーマ「image 」眩暈SIREN)

01.30 Siren

TVアニメ『pet』OP/オープニングテーマ「蝶の飛ぶ水槽」TK from 凛として時雨【放送前限定・ノンクレジット映像】

TVアニメ『pet』OP/オープニングテーマ「蝶の飛ぶ水槽」TK from 凛として時雨【放送前限定・ノンクレジット映像】

01.30 OP

Music Edit

On the 18th of November, 2019 the official website revealed the opening theme song for the Pet anime. The third promotional video revealed the ending theme December 2, 2019.

Chō no Tobu Suisō (The Tank the Butterfly Flies in) Edit

The opening theme song performed by TK from Ling Tosite Sigure.

image _____ Edit

The ending theme song performed by Memai Siren.

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