Meiling is the pet of Ron and Jin, all characters in the Pet series. A created "baby," she is incapable of disobeying orders.

Personality Edit

Largely unresponsive to outward stimuli, she is a pet designed to be totally obedient to the whims of the Company.

In her mind she is fearful at the prospect of her butterfly being harmed and is caring towards it. She uses illeism, occasionally referring to herself in the third person.

Appearance Edit

She appears as a young girl with her long brown hair tied in bunches over her shoulders. Meiling wears a short sleeved, pink dress with a shite section near the top.

Story Edit

Meiling is sat nearby to Ron in the casino where Jin and Katsuragi converse with counselor Zhou.[1]


Being fed by Jin

Along with Ron and Jin, Meiling is hidden behind a Pizaa Hut counter as the pets across the road are monitored. Not reacting to the pizza Jin presents her, they in turn do not notice the large black butterfly floating before her.[2]

Episode 5 - Following Satoru

Sat between Ron and Jin

She is seated in between Ron and Jin as they collectively pursue Satoru who has left the confines if his hotel. Meiling is mentioned by Hayashi who is telling Tsukasa details of the children used by the Company.[3]

Within a hotel room with Ron, Meiling sits by herself on a chair, as he speaks angrily with Jin after her meeting with Satoru. Later, she slowly moves her mouth as she is fed by Jin.[4]

She is able to walk with Ron as he points towards Dahao's limousine driver. In the vehicle facing Dahao Chen, she follows Ron's direction to release her butterfly. In Dahao's memory of him being told by his father that his friend counselor Zhou is a traitor, Meiling's butterfly transports Ron before it taps against a window panel.

Pet-7-Meiling Image

Speaking whilst partially her image.

Ordered by Ron to change memories now or have her butterfly burn, it becomes a hybrid of Meiling and butterfly wings and antenna, where Meiling speaks to plead that her butterfly is not burned. Tearful at this, Meiling sits at the top of the chair as Ron speaks to Dahao disguised as Dahao's father to change this memory. She turns when he says he wants to help Dahao.

As a butterfly, Meiling lands in a landscape where there is a huge burning mound ahead. She calls for her butterfly to not look where it is burning, before she is further disconcerted by a column of sand with Dahao's father seated on top. Meiling refers to him as another bad man, and running she tells him to go away that this is Meiling's house. Her fear of that and the large woodlouse like bugs falling on her fades when she sees Hayashi instructing her to focus on the butterfly and asks for him to return soon.

Pet 7 - The meeting

Attending the meeting with Chen Group members

Led away by Ron, Meiling waits in the backseat of his car outside the Fish & Fish shop. Transported via boat to a yacht alongside Ron and the CEO, Meiling is also naked in the meeting with the Chen family, and placed before the CEO to keep him covered. She waits for Ron to instruct to use her butterfly as the CEO completes his revenge on Shengjie Chen.

She is envisioned by Tsukasa sat on a bench with a fountain behind her.[5]

Sat as Ron and the CEO converse, Meiling is unresponsive as they discuss the connections between image users as being the chains around their necks.[6]

As Satoru learns that Hayashi has been crushed, Meiling sits nearby to them as her image is discussed. Inside her burning Peak, she remains sat fixed on her butterfly. Realizing Satoru has entered using his door image, Meiling greets him with the phrase The "bigeon" hates cats!" She hastily turning to her butterfly when Tsukasa suggests it, and speaks to further as Katsuragi and Ron enter.

After people leave her Peak she is visited by an apparition of Hayashi. She remembers him saying if a man with a scar (Satoru) ever comes to visit her then she should tell him one of his carrier pigeons is flying around. Not fully understanding Hayashi's message, and having difficulty pronouncing the words, Meiling remembers to mention a "carry-a-bigeon". After meeting Satoru she is used to locate Hiroki.[7]

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Relationships Edit

Ron Edit

They are rarely apart from one another and are only seen to communicate within their minds. Meiling attempts to escape as a butterfly and tearfully asks Ron not to burn it before complying with his orders.

Jin Edit

She does not respond to the pizza slice Jin offers her, but overall is looked after by Jin in terms of nourishment.

Hayashi Edit

She received her Peak from Hayashi which consequently would result in her current state. When fearful Meiling takes his advice to focus on her butterfly and hopes he will return soon.

Hiroki Edit

Realizing that someone is speaking to her butterfly, Meiling brings Hiroki to her Peak then hides behind Satoru when Hiroki notices her.

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