Jobs is the title of episode 3 of the Pet anime, released January 20, 2020. Tsukasa covers a job involving Inui so that Hiroki can run their Fish & Fish store.

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Hiroki rejoices that he has a long-sought after store with Tsukasa. While joyful, Katsuragi requires them for a new job and Tsukasa does it so Hiroki can stay.

With Satoru present they observe Dahao Chen meet with Satomi at the airport. Tsukasa delves into an enforcer, Inui's memories reaching back to his childhood to learn of his valley and peak.

The plan would culminate in Inui murdering counselor Zhou on a golf course before being shot dead himself by Satomi.

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Happy to open their own store

Hiroki and Tsukasa are happy to open their first store, named "Fish & Fish" which sells pet aquarium fish. Although Hiroki assumes they no longer have to do jobs for the company, the arrival of Katsuragi brings the news that they still have to since it was the Company that paid for the store to begin with. With Hiroki adamant that he does not want to do any more jobs, Tsukasa says he will do them so that Hiroki does not have to.


Dahao Chen arrives in Japan

Sakamoto exits a building and finds Inui has been sent to deal with him. Arriving at an airport, Satomi reveals Sakamoto was dealt with for the Yakuza to save face with the Chen's. President Chen has entered the country with an entourage including his bodyguard, and shares news that both his Father and Grandfather are furious.

Observing this exchange is Katsuragi, with Tsukasa and Satoru. Satomi assures Dahao that the traitor at the embassy will be dealt with, but Dahao resolves to speak to the person in question, counseler Zhou.

Pet - 03 - Selling fish

Discussing fish with Hitomi and her friend

Two woman are commenting on the fish for sale as Hiroki sweeps outside the store. Somewhat glumly, he explains to them the business practice of offering guppies cheap to encourage people to buy tanks and then more expensive fish. Surprised that Hitomi wants to make a purchase, Hiroki then suggests the arowana fish for sale.

Ucchi arrives and remarking on the price states he should by some for snappy. Asking if he is her boyfriend, Hiroki calls Ucchi ugly and Hitomi sees him a new way. Hitomi's friend follows her when she runs away from him.

At a casino, Katsuragi is introduced to Zhou who Jin explains has been behind the Company's control of channels in Japan. Zhou receives a call from Dahao, but hangs up when he suggests a meeting. Returning, Jin states they will protect the counseler as Ron and Meiling sit nearby.

Making his way to a bar, Inui is approached by Tsukasa who strikes up conversation. Under the pretence of waving smoke away, Tsukasa knocks over a glass and infiltrates Inui's memories. He uses his water image to see the time Inui was present in a meeting between Dahao and Satomi, and learns Inui is at Satomi's beck and call.

Episode 3 - Watching television

Tsukasa views Inui and his mother.

Going deeper, Tsukasa stands in on Inui as a child and the relationship between his mother, and a father and son. Seeing Inui find his mother dead, Tsukasa also witnessed him meeting Satomi where receiving his baseball bat is what formed his Peak. However Tsukasa sees there is someone behind Satomi in this memory visualization.
Pet - 03 - Tsukasa and Hiroki as children

Tsukasa and Hiroki as children

Tending to the fish store, Hiroki thinks that Tsukasa said they would run the store together as he remembers Kenji and Yokota in their Peak. Remembering when he and Tsukasa were children, within a fish tank like world, Hiroki was told they were too sensitive so could not form their own memories. Tsukasa revealed that if he put Valleys around the Peak he gave him, that should help.

Arriving to say sorry for yesterday, Hitomi states she has broken up with her boyfriend, which detrimentally resonates with Hiroki.


Witnessing Inui's Peak formed from meeting Satomi

In a car, Katsuragi states they chose Inui since he was supposed to be Satomi's lapdog, but now posing as Satomi will not work. Tsukasa explains that Satomi is an element of Inui's Peak, but it is not really him and that Inui is projecting another person onto Satomi. Tsukasa rejects Satoru's help in learning more since he promised Hiroki.

In an indoor baseball hitting drill area, Inui is practising before Tsukasa snares his memories again. He sees Inui's mother beating him over a parents evening, and then Inui's connections with Kenta and his father. With the environment become stone like where Kenta and his father are broken stone statues, Tsukasa realizes that the thing Inui longed for most became his valley.


Inui's Valley formed from what he longed for

Revisiting Inui meeting Satomi, Tsukasa has found what he is looking for and exits the baseball centre. Elsewhere, Dahao is in a hotel room with a woman as he receives a text from Zhou in arranging a meeting.

On a golf course, Katsuragi sets the ball for Zhou who is playing gold with others. On another part of the golf course, Dahao sits with Satomi and Inui. As Zhou searches for his ball, he is approached by Dahao who tells him he cannot be here, even though Dahao replies he was the one who arranged the meeting.


Inui murders counselor Zhou infront of Dahao and Satomi

Eerily, Zhou accuses Inui of taking the ball in the same manner Kenta's father did in the past. Systematically, Tsukasa uses his image to assumed the form of Inui's mother and state he is his enemy. Projecting both Satomi and Kenta's father onto counselor Zhou before him on the golf pitch, Inui uses his golf club to murder Zhou. Satomi then shoots Inui dead as Katsuragi calls out whether everything is alright.
Outside a convenience store, Satoru joins Katsuragi in the car not understanding that the counselor's memories were altered to get him to work for the Company, but with him dead all the effort has gone to waste. Katsuragi advises him that unless he wants to join Zhou then he should not go looking for answers.

By evening, Hiroki is delighted Tsukasa is back, and is praised for keeping their store running. In the morning they spend time together before Tsukasa leaves with Katsuragi for another job, this one concerning Hayashi who has been found.

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