Jin is a character in Pet who works for the Company, with Katsuragi as one of their employees.

Working closely with Ron and Meiling, she approaches and befriends Satoru, freely revealing that she is the CEO's niece.

Personality Edit

Professional in her dealings with others, Jin provides matter of fact solutions in helping people feel at ease. Inferring that there was something wrong when Zhou said there was not, she helpfully suggested Katsuragi to help deal with any problems. This extends to her dealings with Satoru, offering to buy him a drink and freely divulging information. Her reaction to Satoru suggesting they go and get crazy is to ask if this is how he has his fun, and does it not make him feel empty on the inside.

Revealing her age, she enquires to Satoru on whether she looks older. Jin considers Images interesting and voices a wish for one so that she could see the memory of someone who knew her mother.

Appearance Edit

Jin Profile

She has medium length, purple tinged hair partly styled outwards from her face. Overall the hair tips and fringe are a choppy cut style and Jin has dark scarlet eyes. She appears to wear rose red lipstick.

Jin is seen wearing a cream, long sleeved open blouse which covers her arms, upper back and shoulders. It is over a pale blue top with a decorative yellow strap around her neck. She also owns a pair of single piece drop earrings.

Another garment is a sleeveless, pink floral themed dress. A frilled white blouse and orange skirt is another clothing option Jin chooses.

History Edit

Her earliest memory was when she was around five. She came to be handed a locket featuring an image of her mother at some point.

Story Edit


Liaising with counselor Zhou

Jin is at a casino and waves to Katsuragi upon seeing him before introducing him to counselor Zhou as one of their employees. Explaining that the Company's control of channels in Japan is thanks to Zhou.

With Zhou returning after taking a call, Jin asks if something is wrong. If he is having any problems, she recommends Katsuragi as someone to take care of them.[2]


With Meiling in a Pizza Hut

She is with Ron at a Pizza Hut, hiding behind the counter as they monitor the Fish & Fish store. As she attempts to feed pizza to the young girl with them, Hiroki opens the shop and she states to Ron they had better get out of here fast since the pet will return to wake up the unconscious lookout that sits nearby. She moves forward requesting to have the phone when Tsukasa calls.[3]

Episode 5 - Following Satoru

Following Satoru

Travelling with Meiling and Ron, she follows Satoru into a hotel. Joining him at a hotel bar, she orders a martini and propose a toast. Shocked at a drink dropping, she is gripped by Satoru and brought under his influence. Agreeing with his words, she faintly leans on him. When Satoru suggests they go get a little crazy, with a smile Jin drops the facade and asks if this is how he has his fun. Having been pretending to be affected by Satoru's power, Jin is sitting upright, alert, and aware of Satoru's name.

Having heard of him from Hayashi, she states she is not an image user. Informing the barman they are using the room in the back, she tells him to relax, she is staying in the suite upstairs. Heading there with Satoru, Jin reveals the owner of the hotel is a Company employee but even he only know that the VIP floor security guards and the trainee staff are lookouts.

Entering the VIP room, she divulges to Satoru that she is both a Company employee and a Crusher and reveals her name to him. She is not here to give him an assignment, she just wanted to have a chat. Providing her phone with Katsuragi's number is the proof Satoru requested that she is a Company employee, then stating that she has known Katsuragi for far longer than he has.

Jin elaborates on the security for the company and the reasons why the CEO is so cautious. She is surprised that Satoru has heard of the qigong masters who could manipulate others using hypnosis and reveals the boss of them was the CEO's father. Jon also shares that the CEO's younger sister became a crusher thanks to the qigong masters.

Sharing the story that one day a handful of the masters betrayed and murdered the CEO's father, Jin also states that it was Hayashi who tracked down the treacherous qigong masters. Continuing to speak, Jin then suggests how about another drink, at exactly the same time as Satoru suggests one.

Stunned, and not even pretending they were not thinking the same thing just now, she puts it down to their same sort of training. Jin asks Satoru if he thinks she does not know that he manipulated the lookouts so that he could sneak off. She is not here to tell him off though, since she cannot keep it in any longer, Jin informs Satoru that she is the CEO's niece.

Told to come and ask Satoru if he would like to join them, she extends the offer for him to become a Company employee.[4]

Continuing their speaking, Jin explains to Satoru the question was not easy and guesses that is why they only told her to sound him out. Saying it looks like she has messed up again, Jin shares that her cousin is always stating that she only understands things superficially. After commenting on him further, she then answers Satoru that she is twenty four years old.
Pet 6 - Exiting

Departing the VIP room

Hearing some music, Jin states it is time for her to leave. Envious that Satoru can use an Image, and wishing to use one too, Jin shares a desire to visit the memory of someone who knew her mother. Jin explains she could form memories early since her grandfather took care of her since she was a baby. She appears happy that Satoru would offer to take her to the memory of someone who knew her mother, where she was her most beautiful. It cannot be the memory of her father though, as Jin explains he is not around either, the best person would be the CEO, her mom's brother. Answering Satoru that she will be staying here a while, she beckons him before whispering that they may even work together.

Returning to the hotel room, she replies to Ron that it seems Hayashi had not told Satoru anything, but he did seem aware of his past. Jin guesses that Satoru must have done some calculations when she told him her age, and deduced she was a member of the family since he was not shocked when she divulged she was the CEO's niece. Appearing taken aback, Jin listens shocked at Ron berating her for what she revealed to Satoru and her version of events on the interaction.

Pet 6 - Meiling and Jin

Hearing about Tsukasa and Hayashi

Later, she is feeding Meiling as she receives a call from Katsuragi and informed that Hayashi has been crushed. Told he is up to them to sort out, Jin hurries to tell Ron the news that Tsukasa has been crushed as well. Asking Ron what is so funny when he sniggers at the news, Jin reminds him that it is Images that have enabled their family to climb as high as they have. Furthermore, without them they would not be able to create "babies" either, so with Tsukasa and Hayashi gone, she questions who on earth will make them now.[1]

On the phone to Ron, they discuss Tsukasa and how after he crushed Hayashi he is now a "son" holding the same rank as them. She sees Hayashi's personal effects, namely photographs of Tsukasa and Satoru when they were young. With Tsukasa crushing someone the equivalent of family with one command from the top, Jin is asked if she has not forgotten what people like that did to them.[5]

In a hotel suite, Jin remarks on the paper's reporting of Dahao's Grandfather commenting it was Long's work and of course the article is full of lies. Thanks to what transpired, the CEO is able to work in Shanghai. Detailing that after "old man Chen" died, his son took over the Chen group and will do whatever the CEO says.

Jin explains that today's target is the son's illegitimate child. Whilst not openly a member of the Chen family, Jin says his existence could pose problems for them in the future. Since the Chen grandson has gone crazy, the CEO intends to make himself the heir to the Chen Group, but an illegitimate son could bring s counterclaim. Beckoning to Satoru, she applies some make up to cover the scar of Satoru's forehead. Aware that Satoru will be twenty soon, she advises him that he think for himself rather than relying on Hayashi for everything.

Waiting in an underground carpark, when Katsuragi joins her she enquires whether Hiroki knows what he is supposed to do. Informing Satoru that he can go, Jin asks that he not tell Hiroki what they talked about. Reminding Katsuragi that it is his job to take them both back afterwards, Jin states she cannot leave here until she has confirmed the hospital that the target has been taken to. If it is the one she expects, then they have Company connections there so will get the information quickly however if it is somewhere else she will need Katsuragi to tie up a few loose ends.

At the party of dignitaries, Jin invites herself into the display where Satoru has spilt water over the ambassadors arm to take him to one side. Noticing the ambassador's wife has told her husband there is no need to change, Jin politely asks for a moment to remove her from the equation. Jin keeps her occupied with a pretence that they are thinking of holding an exhibition of Chinese dresses.

After the crushing is complete, Jin listens in to news that the ambassador has been taken to the Yamako General Hospital. Considering that everything is going to plan, she is surprised to see Hiroki wheeled away on a stretcher to an ambulance. Calling Katsuragi, she demands he get him back but states he cannot take Satoru with him to the hospital. Jin instructs Katsuragi to take him back to Ikebukuro first and then go, she will find someone who looks like Hiroki to be the fall guy. She also warns him to cover his face as well since the ambassador's wife will be there. After the call, Jin contemplates that just because he is in the same hospital, it does not mean he will find out.[6]

Calling Satoru, she tells him he is a good boy for staying there. With Ron behind her on the other end of the phone, Jin states for her and Satoru to have breakfast again today. As Hayashi is wheeled past on a stretcher, she is comforted by Ron that Satoru does not know a thing.

Dining with Satoru, she asks him whether he wants Katsuragi to come back so soon. She is asked for details on what Hayashi was like back then, as well as the qigong masters and the old guard crushers. Jin replies that she had planned to tell him about Hayashi and the old guard crushers today, so she brought a locket containing a picture of her mother. She was the CEO's sister and the very first crusher. Jin explains when her mother was being looked after by the qigong masters one of them got crushed. Hayashi synced and calmed her where Jin's mother married then had her.[7]

Present in the meeting to persuade Satoru that Hiroki crushed Hayashi, Jin adds that she guesses Hayashi felt Meiling could be looked after without a Lock since he had also cared for Jin's mother. She serves sandwiches as she hears about Satoru's door image being from an anime.[8]

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Relationships Edit

Ron Edit

Pet - 04 - Jin and Ron

They are seen together at a casino and later travels with him to wait inside a Pizza Hut. She reminds him to speak in Japanese when she guesses correctly that Ron will answer the phone and ask what a customer would like to order.

Revealing they are cousins where Ron has known her since she was in diapers, Jin says that he calls her soft in the head and for that she considers him rude and always criticizing. No matter how hard she tries at work, he treats her like a child. Speaking with him in one such instance, Jin says he does not need to shout at her as she is berated for revealing sensitive information to Satoru.

Jin is afforded Ron's protection, with them arranging that if she feels something amiss in her breakfast with Satoru then Jin is to speak Chinese which is Ron's cue to come to her rescue. She allows Ron to kiss her but not enthusiastically.

Meiling Edit

A pet who cannot disobey orders, Jin often attempts to feed her and considers her a baby, in a non-affectionate way.

The Company President Edit

Her uncle who heads the Company she works as a part of. Though his memories would be best to check for what Jin's mother was like, Jin chuckles that there is no way he would let anyone inside his mind.

Zhou Edit

Jin introduces him to Katsuragi as someone significant behind the success of the company. She assures counselor Zhou that they will protect him.

Katsuragi Edit

Meeting him twelve years ago as a child, presently she introduces Katsuragi as someone who works for the company and considered him someone well versed is taking care of people's problems. She states she is not so fond of him herself, since she was a child Jin felt Katsuragi lacked the human touch.

Satoru Edit

Pet 5 - Jin and Satoru

She bears him in mind when spying on him and Hiroki at the Fish & Fish store and addresses him as that lanky pet. Following him to a hotel, she tells the barman to put his drink on her bar tab and comments that he is gentlemanly for such a young man. Freely revealing information to him and speaking as if he were a close acquittance, Jin offers to have his pizza taken to his room after their meeting. Seemingly bonding over Satoru offering to show Jin memories of her mother, Jin fondly suggests they could work together at some point before waving goodnight to him.

Tsukasa Edit

Hearing that is Tsukasa on the phone, she is anxious to speak to him. Jin appeared panicked upon learning that Tsukasa had been crushed.

Hayashi Edit

She heard all about Satoru from Hayashi, and met with him in Beijing and done some work together. Jin voices the company owes him a great debt of gratitude for locating the qijong masters. She thinks of him favorably, and empathically supposes that he did not want to say anything since he might have known some of them. Jin had heard it was Hayashi who took the photo of her mother that she keeps in a locket.

Jin's Mother Edit

She passed away just after Jin was born and she has no memories of her. Jin keeps a locket containing her photo and speaks fondly of her aware of her mother's background.

References Edit

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