Intrigue is the title of the eighth episode of the Pet anime, airing after Revenge and before Episode 9.

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Satoru and Jin, along with Hiroki and Tsukasa elsewhere prepare to crush a relative of the Chen Group.

Tsukasa develops his own plans as Hiroki and Satoru view an ambassador's memories with his father on a tropical landscape.

The job is successful but Hiroki falls unconscious and is taken to hospital.

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In a hotel suite Jin reads a newspaper report on Dahao's Grandfather. Satoru listens that it is all a lie, the reality is thanks to Ron, the CEO can now works in Shanghai using Shengjie Chen. Furthermore with Dahao reported as having gone insane, the CEO can inherit the operations there as well. To help consolidate this and prevent potential future threats, Jin states a target is the son's illegitimate heir which Satoru recognizes as the guy from the Chinese embassy.

Pet-ep8-Warned by Tsukasa

Hiroki is warned by Tsukasa about Satoru

Within their Fish & Fish store, Hiroki is ready in his waiter clothes with his hair dyed, to Tsukasa's amusement. With Hiroki and Satoru taking part in this job, Tsukasa warns him not to trust the latter or tell Satoru about their backdoor trick where they can use their Images to reach Peaks. Katsuragi arrives to transport Hiroki to the job, where he also shares that a transport will be here for Tsukasa, the CEO has prepared a peking duck banquet for him.

Tsukasa is quite happy how the Company will not figure out how he recovered from his experience of being crushed as well as his plans to use Meiling, who has Hayashi's Peak, to access Satoru's in order to crush him. In his happiness he brings up a volume of water from his mouth.

Liaising within an underground carpark, Hiroki and Satoru head to carry out the job as Katsuragi and Jin discuss the plans for the aftermath. Heading up the stairs, Satoru enquires whether Tsukasa has received the same offer as him to become a Company employee. Hiroki remembers Tsukasa's words not to trust Satoru and denies it, but also thinks whether Tsukasa would have told him.

Pet-ep8-Tsukasa timed

Tsukasa having his abilities timed

Being transported, Tsukasa thinks back to his childhood where he was timed on how long he took to alter memories, and to crush someone.

As Hiroki and Satoru act as waiters to a gathering of dignitaries, Katsuragi gives the signal for Satoru to head over and pretend to accidentally spill a drink over an ambassador's jacket. Hiroki brings a hairdryer to take him to one side, Jin intervenes to escort the ambassador's wife out the scenario. Satoru is successful in pacifying the ambassador, then uses his door to access his happiest memory.

On a tropical island like place with many palm trees, Satoru and Hiroki view the ambassador as a child with his father where he learns they are family. Hiroki is hesitant to proceed with the crushing since the ambassador's wife is there and she will see this befall her husband. Hiroki is thinking of how he saw Tsukasa in that state, before hearing that Satoru has the same reluctance, among other concerns that he desires Hayashi's guidance on.

With the impassioned display, Hiroki decides to carry out the task so that Satoru does not have to. Speaking the Chinese to have the ambassador's father state he is not his son results in the ambassador being crushed and entering a seizure like state in reality.


Satoru preparing the fall guy

Satoru prepares two other waiters to accept the blame for the circumstances around the event, and Katsuragi has to nudge Hiroki who cannot take his eyes off the ambassador's wife's upset at seeing her husband in his state.

Coming over giddy, Hiroki falls unconscious and Jin notices him taken to hospital. She urgently calls Katsuragi to retrieve him from the Yamako General Hospital, but stresses that he must take Satoru back to Ikebukuro before heading to retrieve Hiroki.

Onboard a private plane, Tsukasa remembers asking the CEO that he be allowed to raise a pet of his own. He requests water from a flight attendant knowing how the CEO works. He plans for Satoru to take Meiling into his Peak where Tsukasa intends to sneak in as well.

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  • This episode mentions Satoru is nearly twenty years old, he also states that Tsukasa is older than him.
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