Hiroki (ヒロキ) is one of the main characters in Pet. He possesses memory operation skills having an "image" of goldfish and often works with Tsukasa.

After wanting to alter someone's memories rather than have them killed, Hiroki becomes firmly against doing further work for the Company.

Desiring to work honestly and live with Tsukasa, he is left to run their fish shop, but becomes dejected as Tsukasa continues the tasks in his stead.

Running away after hearing of Tsukasa's plans, he reconciles with him.


Often quite expressive, Hiroki can be emotional. As a child he wanted the whole pan to be yellow with pancake batter when making them, crying when they were not, to be being filled with wonder when it was. Older, whether it is merrily spraying water, to angrily speaking his mind, then tearful displays when he felt upset, Hiroki is outwardly expressive. He states he hates having to visit the valley areas of people's minds. Hiroki grows despondent having realized his dream of opening a place with Tsukasa but not having him there with him. In such a mindset he will alienate potential customers with no concern for the loss of business.

Contemplative, he acknowledges that his developing powers leave him more emotionally unstable afterwards. In a similar manner, whilst Hiroki was clever enough to check the flow of water using his fingers to locate Tsukasa, he often needs matters explained to him, such as the need to separate fighting fish into different tanks. This extends to being told that "dark honey" is in fact maple syrup, before later wondering aloud what is in this honey that makes it maple syrup. Expectations not grounded in reality include him assuming that he and Tsukasa can leave the company and start a life for themselves.

His curiosity leads him to disregard a job to seek out another image user in hospital. Hiroki's insightfulness leads him to suspect the Company had a hand in someone's hypnotization, and he is generally more perceptive than he is at being naive.

Appearance Edit

Hiroki Profile
He has long spiked orange-tinged colored hair that is lighter atop his head in comparison to the strands. His caramel-colored eyes can appear yellow depending on the light.

Hiroki is seen wearing a white T-shirt with red sections namely the sleeves, a nabla (an upside-down triangle) on his left chest area, and also on the left, two large triangles forming half a square. This appears to be worn over a dark-colored undershirt of some type. In addition, Hiroki wears double-layered shorts with the outer fabric being near black in color, and the inner material black in color. If he wears socks they are not visible within his sneakers which are red, laces included, with a blue pattern on either side of each shoe near the heel, the shoes also have white soles. Around his neck, he has a paper airplane necklace that rests on his chest.

In his fish state, Hiroki takes on the goldfish appearance his power is based on. He keeps his eyes, yet his flowing hair becomes wavy and fin-like and he gains serrated teeth.

This is usually a temporary transition state between one form and the other, but he can remain in it.

History Edit

Hiroki was kept in a poorly maintained psychiatric ward, in a room with several beds with medical restraints. He would always sit staring at a fish in water before being overcome with fear as he was drawn into a black space with a red electrical current resembling that of a plasma globe within. He never had thoughts of his own, until Tsukasa turned up in his water image. Swimming up through the water, he emerges in the stream of Tsukasa's Peak, happy, where he wanted to stay in the water forever. Remembering it is why he wanted to become a goldfish, Hiroki was also upset at pancakes not filling the entire pan as Tsukasa was making some for him.[1]
Pet - 03 - Tsukasa and Hiroki as children

As a child with Tsukasa

One memory shows him as a small child in Tsukasa's fish tank locus, where he hears from Tsukasa that they are too sensitive and it's why they cannot make their own memories. When his peak was formed, he heard how valleys were to be collected to hide it.[2] Another memory shows Hiroki and Tsukasa as children in the same loci where Hiroki asks why is it bad for people to enter his Peak. He appears confused by Tsukasa's explanation that Valleys are needed to protect his Peak, as he busies himself by riding a large goldfish above.[3]

Story Edit

Hiroki is working with Tsukasa outside a diving themed cafe and bar, asking him if at some point they should open a bar of their own. He would be the director if Tsukasa is the manager before entertaining himself by spraying the hose upwards. Not scared by Kenji who shouts from an apartment nearby, Hiroki is happy enough that he has soaked himself.


He does not appear happy at Kenji's presence and follows Tsukasa up the stairs inside to change. He is grumpy as he watches Tsukasa speak to Kaori on the phone, before throwing it against a dartboard. Smirking, he did not take well to Tsukasa's face when he was speaking to her, more so when she was responsible for them working so late.

Demanding to know who Tsukasa is calling a child, Hiroki crumbles a newspaper on him. On top of him on the floor, he is further incensed when Kenji enters the room and told to save the foreplay for after breakfast. Hiroki clarifies they are having a fight.
Hiroki licking Tsukasa's chest
Receiving the offer to manage the bar and after rent take whatever profits they make, Hiroki enthusiastically accepts Kenji's offer. He tells Kenji he went up to the third floor to give him a letter he notices, but he was not in. He offers to check Tsukasa's phone before casually unbuttoning his shirt and then licking Tsukasa's chest.

With Kenji shouting what are they are doing, Hiroki states he is repairing Tsukasa's phone before asking if Kenji is alright. Hearing that he has a headache, Hiroki suggests a best cure for that, demonstrated with using a gun to shoot himself in the head. Hiroki joins Tsukasa in tackling Kenji, saying that he is going to hurt someone and that he is losing it. Hearing Kenji explain Katsuragi and Yokota driving off a cliff, Hiroki assures him they both believe him.

With it time to leave, he tells Kenji to keep the money he offers them before walking out with Tsukasa to meet Satoru waiting for them.[4][5]

It is remembered that Hiroki questioned Kenji on what happened to Yokota. He is unimpressed with Katsuragi for calling them the crushers, and when he arrives informs him that Yokota did not tell Kenji anything. Hiroki raises sending Kenji elsewhere, enthusiastic that he and Tsukasa have a chance to run the bar. He is then told by Katsuragi that he will need to crush Kenji, and Hiroki reacts by confronting him, before being stopped by Tsukasa.

He is pleased when Tsukasa suggests changing Kenji's memories rather than having him killed, more so when Tsukasa voices that he can handle it. Successful in persuading Katsuragi to allow them to alter Kenji's memories, Hiroki wakes Kenji and has him see him as Yokota and asks of the best memories they had together. Holding arms with Tsukasa as well, Hiroki transforms into a goldfish as he travels to Kenji's best memory.

Hiroki and Tsukasa

Delighted by the environment

Diving upwards to a boat above them, Hiroki is a giant goldfish that breaches the glowing water with aurora and hibiscus flowers above them. Happy to see the sky, he transitions back to a giant human and picks Tsukasa up to speak to him. Hearing he has gotten faster, Hiroki becomes delighted at the flowers and begins gathering them.

Carrying Tsukasa

Looking around the bar memory

At Tsukasa's suggestion, Hiroki speaks and the memory of Yokota says his words to ask the Kenji in this moment of his memories if he remembers where they first met. Following that lead, and splashing out of a glass of water as a goldfish, Hiroki then carries Tsukasa as they look around the bar setting they have travelled to.

Seeing Kenji start a fight with Yokota over a woman they have both dated, he feels it is simple to swap the Yokota from this locus. Tapping into Yokota from this memory, he asks Kenji when was the first time Katsuragi offered him work. Travelling to a scene of one of them discarding a needle, Hiroki thinks if the work memories begin here they should collapse this bit.

Episode 2 - Confrontation

Angry at Satoru for bringing Katsuragi

With the valley being needed, Hiroki finds that Kenji's is from his childhood. With the confirmation that it does not involve Katsuragi, they can erase those memories without his valley being affected. He is incensed and confronts Satoru when he joins them, with Katsuragi as well. Hearing him meaning to collapse the valley, Hiroki transforms into a giant goldfish, swallowing them all to end the scenario and bring them back to the apartment.

He is faint and has not the energy to chastise Katsuragi. Collapsing to the floor, he says he will not let Kenji be crushed. With the resolve to continue the memory alteration, he orders Katsuragi out unless he wants to puke again. Attempting to reach Kenji's peak with Tsukasa, he finds himself in a gloomy environment with him mid transformation. Watching Kenji and Yokota emerge from the water, he sees the locus, the moment of Yokota recommending they open a bar as Kenji's happiest moment, his peak. Hiroki says this is bad, since the peak is built on a conversation he had with Yokota and if they change his impression of him then Kenji's peak will collapse for sure.

Retrieving a small memory of Katsuragi with Tsukasa playing his part, Hiroki will play the part of Yokota in their plan to swap Yokota with Katsuragi as the one who suggests to Kenji that they open a bar. Silently, Hiroki walks off from the memory replacement. The peak is still formed and Hiroki sadly considers the golden setting sun rather than the aurora and flower visage it was before. Gaining consciousness he is sweating as he comments on the change, but Hiroki is reassured that he saved Kenji's life.

Taking his place in the car with Satoru, he states that Katsuragi is starting to push his luck and it is the last time he cleans up his mess. Turning to grasp Tsukasa he asks what he says to them opening their own place and living respectable lives.[6]

Episode 3 - First customer

Happy for the first customer

Hiroki appears exceptionally pleased that he and Tsukasa have in reality opened their own place, a store selling pet aquarium fish called "Fish & Fish". He assumes this also means that they do not have to do any more jobs for the company. Initially happy to greet a customer, his tone changes seeing that it is Katsuragi, and informs him they are not doing anymore jobs. Hearing from Tsukasa that he alone will do the jobs to pay the company back for the fish shop, Hiroki is told to take care of their store. Hiroki requests that Tsukasa promise him that he will not go in with Satoru.

Pet - 03 - Selling fish

Speaking with Hitomi and her friend

Sweeping the floor, he disheartenedly confirms the ten Yen price for a Guppy fish. He explains to a woman and her friend that they are cheap so people buy them on impulse, essentially cheap bait to get people to buy fish tanks. Pleased that the woman actually wants to buy two, Hiroki asks if she would want the Arowana fish as well.

Gathering them, he tells Hitomi's boyfriend, Ucchi that he is not selling any fish to him after he stated he would feed them to his turtle, Snappy. Accepting the money, Hiroki asks if that guy is her boyfriend, before telling her to take a good look at him, he is one ugly dude.

Episode 3 - Hiroki within the store

Within the Fish & Fish store

Seeing to the tanks, he thinks of how Tsukasa said they would run the store together, and remembers himself as a child when he met Tsukasa and formed his Peak. Noticing Hitomi at the store again, he hears she broke up with Ucchi, which resonates with Hiroki and he simply ushers her out the shop.

By evening, he stands at the counter with his head in his hands, in the dark. His face lightens up and he runs to greet Tsukasa who has arrived. In the morning, he opens the store and takes notes as Tsukasa shows him the cash register. He is not happy to see Tsukasa drive off once more.[2]

At this point with Tsukasa's absence, Hiroki has not opened the store. Sitting by himself, he asks aloud when he is coming back. Startled to see Satoru, he is not in the mood for being cheered up. Even though nothing has been sold except for two guppies, Hiroki is against Satoru's suggestion of using their power on people, equating it with still working for the Company. Cracking a fish tank glass in frustration, opening this place was a means of him and Tsukasa to go legit.

Pet - 04 - Hiroki and Satoru

Realizing other people's emotions have influenced his own

Using a vase to collect the spilling water, he pensively comments that he knows the reason why he wanted to run a store. It is because he stayed at Kenji's where their feelings for a respectable job intertwined due to Hiroki's weak lock. Repeating what Tsukasa told him, Hiroki's ability to sync must be really high but he reasons it might mean it is easy for his emotions to get mixed up. Being able to swim much faster recently, Hiroki reflects that he has also become much more emotionally unstable afterwards.

Tearfully affirming what he sees as the problem, it is that Tsukasa knew Hiroki would end up like this, but still went away on a job. He remembers selecting his image of a goldfish, choosing that since Tsukasa shared his peak with him. Remembering the moment where he held an orb of water containing the fish out of Tsukasa's water body, it is because of that why Hiroki is here now and why Tsukasa cannot leave him.

Hearing how Tsukasa himself has not heard from the person who gave him his peak, and Satoru having not seen Hayashi in two years, Hiroki decides to be patient until Tsukasa returns. Enquiring about the Carrier pigeons Satoru mentioned at the pizza joint, it is news to Hiroki that the term refers to hypnotized people who do not know they are passing information along. An additional feature is that it can keep information secret from Katsuragi, Hiroki wants to know why he would be sniffing around a pizza shop. He is angered to hear a lookout is there and calls Tsukasa to ask why they are being monitored.

Episode 5 - Within a fish tank

Hearing about Locks as a child

Finding that Tsukasa is not answering his messages, Hiroki finds a single large black butterfly in the store. Opening the shutters, he lets it out.[7]

As a child hearing about Locks, Hiroki is riding a goldfish as seen by Tsukasa and Hayashi.[3]
Pet 6 - Hiroki awaiting a call

Awaiting calls

In the fish store at night he is lying on his side covered with a blanket. Staring at his phone he asks why Tsukasa has not answered his messages, if he does not come back their fish store is going to go under. Hearing a car pull up outside, he is delighted assuming that it is Tsukasa. His happiness is replaced with alarmed confusion as he sees Tsukasa's comatose face. Damning Katsuragi, he demands to know what he has done. Hiroki's anger subsides when he is told it is his fault for shirking his responsibilities. He hears it was supposed to involve both of them but he stayed behind.
Pet 6 - An active image

Witnessing a still active image

Attempting to assess the situation, he wonders why Tsukasa's last words was to come back here. Rejecting Katsuragi's stated fact that Tsukasa has been crushed and he should just forget about him, Hiroki shouts for him to leave. Holding Tsukasa's face, he asks that he not leave him before noticing water nearby. Naturally speculating for a moment that it is a tank leak, he realizes it is not that. With the water rising, Hiroki asks the unresponsive Tsukasa on whether it is his water. Whatever has happened to his memory loci, Tsukasa's image is still working and so he is still in there somewhere.
Pet 6 - Swallowing Tsukasa

Helping Tsukasa

Resolving to find him, Hiroki enters a sea of blood and wonders what happened to Tsukasa's Peak. Searching for him, he thinks how he is supposed to find him, especially when he himself is sinking. He registers that as blood it is still fundamentally water and must flow from somewhere. Hiroki uses his fingers to ascertain the source of the ocean of blood and swims to where it is coming from. He finds Tsukasa laying face up on the surface with his torso split open.

Happy to see Tsukasa has opened his eyes, Hiroki tells him he came to save him because he saw his water. He says he has to get up and then tells him to not sink. Unable to make sense of what Tsukasa is saying, Hiroki knows if they do not do something Tsukasa will be crushed for real. Transforming back into a giant goldfish he raises Tsukasa out of the blood and takes him upwards to his Peak. Delighted that Tsukasa is back, Hiroki explains this is the Peak Tsukasa gave him, specifically the river. Since he was a fish Hiroki figured he only needed that.

Pet 6 - Purification

Purifying his Peak

Explaining that he brought Tsukasa here since he was about to be crushed, Hiroki tells him his Peak was all messed up. Hiroki thought he would wash the bad stuff away with the water from his own Peak, and has to push the Valleys out of Tsukasa's Peak to restore it. Even with the link here, Hiroki asks whether he is capable of doing it, feeling there is a chance with this Peak coming from Tsukasa in the first place.

Pet 6 - Welcoming Tsukasa back

Welcoming Tsukasa back

Hearing Tsukasa say he can do it, Hiroki resolves to make his river beautiful again. Swallowing Tsukasa he returns to the blood landscape, his goldfish form enveloped in an aura like light and he washes away the valley. Diving out the water, his tail is tattered but it was successful. Regaining conciseness in the fish store, Hiroki leans against Tsukasa as he welcomes him back.[8]

Lifting up the shutters, he asks Katsuragi to help lift Tsukasa up the stairs before seeing and asking who Ron is. Hiroki notices Meiling in the back seat of the car with a black butterfly in front of her. As Tsukasa attempts to stand, Hiroki steadies him and states he does not need to try, telling him of the girl he just saw as well. Realizing Tsukasa is clearly not okay, he requests Katsuragi help by lifting his feet.

Pet 7 - Discussing

Looking after Tsukasa

With Tsukasa waking up screaming in the night, Hiroki settles him as he thrashes about with an IV drip attached to his arm. By morning, he is scowling as he wonders why the green, purple and red beta fish will not eat what he feeds them. Telling them this is not the time to be fighting, he hears the alarm to a rice cooker for Tsukasa's dinner as well.

Listening in to Tsukasa on the phone, whilst Hiroki cannot understand the Mandarin language, he is aware it likely concerns as job as he thinks back to Katsuragi stating it was his fault for what happened to Tsukasa for shirking his duty. Noticed, he brings his food and asks who it was on the phone, then why Tsukasa and Katsuragi are always speaking in Chinese. Agreeing that it is hard, Hiroki protests at the feeding, and that the long-tailed fish keep fighting and will not eat their food.

Understanding how the slimy nature of the rice can be off-putting for Tsukasa, he happily states he will get some pancakes on the go, dripping with lots of dark honey. He rejects the notion of them moving into a hotel if he is overwhelmed, questioning whether Tsukasa wants to be in the Company's pocket after all they did to him. Announcing he can count him out, Hiroki declares he never wants to see Tsukasa in that state again. Asked to do a job, Hiroki queries whether Tsukasa knew the risk of the previous one but still done it. Crying, he feels Tsukasa does not trust him with him not revealing details of the jobs or even his own Peak giver.

Listening to him, Hiroki replies they should not care about the Company and suggests they quit and start a new life for themselves. Asking why that cannot be done, his hand is taken by Tsukasa. He appears partially as a goldfish in Tsukasa's fish tank locus and asks if he is sure it is okay to sync like this. Hiroki is reminded that the apartment may be bugged, so having to communicate here, he is told if they ran away the Company would follow them until they were dead.

Pet 7 - Discussing plans

Hearing the plan with Tsukasa

Hearing that they have to work for the Company a while longer until they could live life on their terms, Hiroki hears they can avoid the jobs they hate if he and Tsukasa share their Peaks. He asks when he can see what Tsukasa says will help him understand everything he has been saying. Answering that Tsukasa just said he should not rely on trust, he is certain Tsukasa can rely on him and then why would he betray him. He agrees to help Tsukasa with the jobs and conscious again, he asks if he is all right.

Agreeing to keep this plan between them, Hiroki happily heads to make pancakes, assuring Tsukasa that he will make sure they are dripping with dark honey. Messily preparing a pancake, he notices Satoru enter and delightfully informs him that his new hair makes him look like a chimp. His laughter comes to an end when he hears from Katsuragi that he is dyeing his hair next as well. Using the spatula to emphasize his point, Hiroki states he prefers how Tsukasa's hair looks now anyway after Satoru suggested he add some color. With Satoru mentioning the beta fish, Hiroki was supposed to separate the two remaining ones, but one of them now dead.[9]

Hiroki's disguise

Asking if he looks weird

Dressed as a waiter his his hair dyed dark and slicked back, Hiroki asks Tsukasa if he looks weird as he awaits Katsuragi to pick him up. Mentioning his door, Hiroki is advised to watch out for Satoru, and should not reveal their back door trick.

In an underground carpark, Hiroki notices someone behind Satoru in the other car. Making his way up the stairs, he thinks that he looks different since Tsukasa has not been eating recently so neither has he. Reacting to the news that Satoru has received the offer to become an employee, Hiroki is asked for advice before remembering what Tsukasa told him about trust. Questioning why Satoru is telling him, Hiroki is queried whether Tsukasa has received the same offer.

As Hiroki considers whether he would have told him, he thinks how Tsukasa could have used Chinese to talk about it without him finding out, but remembers how Tsukasa told him information he was reluctant to discuss. Snapping at Satoru to go and be an employee for the Company if he wants, Hiroki reaches his destination and enters a room of dignitaries.

Pet-8-Hiroki and Satoru

Questioning the crushing they have to carry out

Pouring some water, Hiroki informs the clumsy oaf part is Satoru's and points out that Katsuragi who is also present, is giving the signal. He approaches the ambassador with a hairdryer to take him to one side under the pretext of drying his jacket but then notices that the ambassador has a wife. Joining Satoru in the ambassador's tropical island memory by way of a barrel of water, Hiroki views a towering version of the ambassador with his father ahead. He asks Satoru if he is fine with the crushing with the ambassador's wife right in front of him.

After listening to Satoru's impassioned views on Hayashi not coming back, and made to do jobs he does not want to do among similar concerns to Hiroki, he elects to carry out the crushing to spare Satoru doing it. Asking what the Chinese is, Hiroki assumes the guise of the ambassador's father to tell him he is not his son.

Within the room, Hiroki watches as the ambassador's wife frets over her husband's state. Nudged by Katsuragi and told he is in the way to prod him to move, Hiroki is then overcome with dizziness and falls to the ground. Trying to stand, he voices a need to get to the parking lot before falling unconscious and led out to an ambulance on a stretcher.[10]

Pet-ep9-Hiroki awake

After falling ill from malnourishment

Taken to Yamako General Hospital, Hiroki is alert and informs Katsuragi that the malnourishment he was suffering probably from came down to him being busy looking after Tsukasa. He proceeds to wash the shoe polish, mixed with soft wax, that he used as dye from his hair. Alone, he notices a breeze, one not coming from the wind but an illusionary one. It is the same sensation as Tsukasa's water and he realizes it is somebody's image.
Pet - ep9 - Detecting the wind

Sensing the wind images through the floor

With Katsuragi bringing the fall guy, Hiroki hypnotizes him, in addition to Katsuragi so that he can locate the image user. Wondering that they are like, he makes his way downwards where the source is several floors below. Able to perceive the wind, Hiroki finds it is coming from the mortuary.

Surprised by a security guard, Hiroki tells him he just wants to go into this room, and hypnotizes the man to use his keys by turning the concerns of armed robbers targeting the guard's family to have him open the door. Gaining access to the room, Hiroki wonders if the man within has been crushed before observing his wind image. Hiroki remembers Tsukasa telling him that their Peaks are not genuine because they were not made from their own memories. As he watched Tsukasa prepare pancakes, he learnt that in times of crisis the images can self activate as they done with Tsukasa and now with the man before him.

Asking the guard if he knows who the man is, Hiroki instructs him to not let anyone else in and he will let the guard know when he is done. Reasoning there should be a locus he can sync with, Hiroki touches his hand and is drawn a world of blood where his goldfish images dives through two surfaces of it. Recognizing the black sky, Hiroki wades through the body parts to try and contact the evanescing man who is seemingly aware of Satoru. Hiroki witnesses a memory of Hayashi reminding Katsuragi of their deal that Tsukasa would not be made to raise a pet. The recollection shows the CEO did not order anything, Tsukasa himself asked to be allowed a pet. Accessing another memory, Hiroki sees a young girl sat near a man and hears him speak Hayashi's name, and picks up on why Tsukasa would be against Satoru.

Trying to keep a track of Hayashi whose image fades in and out of existence, Hiroki questions whether he is Hayashi, Tsukasa's Peak giver. Telling him that Satoru is waiting for him results in Hiroki exiting the locus. Looking over Hayashi's body he wonders what it all means.

Troubled on why they were talking about Tsukasa in the memories, Hiroki thinks to when Tsukasa mentioned Hayashi when he was split open in his Valley. Wondering who they are calling a pet, Hiroki thinks he knows Tsukasa better than anyone yet struggles to understand why Tsukasa would crush his own Peak giver in Hayashi.[11]

Thinking back to when he was placed in a psychiatric ward, and first met Tsukasa, Hiroki contemplates that there is no way he would crush his own Peak giver. Considering Hayashi, he wonders why his Peak looked the same as Tsukasa's whilst he remembers Tsukasa and Satoru's thoughts on Hayashi. As Satoru said, Hiroki also did not let himself think about stuff and ignored it when Tsukasa kept things from him.

With Tsukasa finding him slumped down in the fish shop, Hiroki asks him what a pet is since Hayashi called him one. Raising whether Tsukasa crushed him, Hiroki says he found Hayashi at hospital and synced with him before the wind and Peak vanished. He will not join Tsukasa in his tank Loci until Tsukasa tells him what a pet is as Hiroki states he is tired of being kept in the dark. Pulled into a memory of Tsukasa explaining to Ron how to make babies, Hiroki is hiding behind the manifestation of Katsuragi until Tsukasa finishes explaining why the company calls them pets.

Told Hayashi is the one they should be worrying about now, Hiroki hears they need to crush Satoru before the Company informs him that Tsukasa crushed Hayashi. What Hiroki cannot understand most of all is why Tsukasa crushed his Peak giver. Hearing it is largely because Hayashi ran away from the Company, Hiroki points out he does not want to be told what to be told what to do by the company either. The other real question is why Tsukasa would work for a Company whose rules he cannot stand.

Hearing the suggestion that they go to Hiroki's Peak to erase memories of Satoru to alter him to a random person to be crushed, Hiroki replies he does not want to and brings them out of the memory. Standing over Tsukasa in the fish shop, Hiroki is startled and runs away repeating that he does not want to. Outside the store he looks at Tsukasa within before noticing and sweeping the Pizza Hut Lookout off his feet who approaches him from behind, then escapes through alley ways. Dropping a trash bin lid, he induces the taser wielding agent into sleep before wondering about Tsukasa.[1]

Hiroki is hiding behind a woman in her apartment, and moves behind her when her non-hypnotized boyfriend arrives home. Taking ahold of him, Hiroki convinces the man he is a mirror, just a reflection so there is nothing to worry about before wondering what he should do now.

Listening to the couple argue at night, Hiroki wonders what the midway point with Tsukasa would be. Feeling that Tsukasa has no interest in finding that point, and that he is supposed to listen to everything he says, Hiroki is ever concerned that if they stay with the Company then Tsukasa is sure to one day become their prey. Although he wants to help him, even when Tsukasa is right in front of him, Hiroki feels there is nothing he can do. Remembering Tsukasa back at the store, Hiroki thinks he looked completely trapped. He then contemplates whether he ran off when Tsukasa needed his help most.

Seeing the butterfly from the other day, Hiroki is drawn into Meiling's Peak where he is confronted with Satoru and Tsukasa. Accused of crushing Hayashi, he attempts to kick them out using his goldfish image, before that is trapped by Satoru's door image.[12]

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Relationships Edit

Hiroki interacts with various characters throughout the Pet story, for his views on and relationships with other characters: Hiroki/Relationships

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Promotional image 5

Image Edit

His Image is an orange goldfish, he was able to choose his own and opted for that since Tsukasa's image is water. By using his Image, he can travel to different memories with the size of the fish able to adapt to the amount of water he emerges from. The power of his Image allows him to forcibly establish other people's memories as his Peak and Valley.

Pet 6 - Peak

Hiroki's Peak Edit

Hiroki's Peak is the river portion of the Peak he received from Tsukasa; an endless sea of water in the form of a epipelagic level of an ocean sized body of water with sun beams reaching down and many small bubbles floating gently upwards.


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