Chapter 5 is the fifth chapter of the Pet manga (ペット, Petto) written and illustrated by Ranjō Miyake.

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Hiroki and Tsukasa work on modifying Kenji's memories to prevent him from being murdered for what he knows.

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Katsuragi is in the room where Hiroki and Tsukasa are physically idle as they delve into mind environments. After discussing with Satoru, he places his hand on Hiroki where a free-standing door appears in the room with them.

Their illusory selves are near their physical bodies and entering the door they find Hiroki and Tsukasa in a patterned room. Hiroki does not react well to their presence before Kenji's mother with heavy makeup joins them. Spiked rock-like formations cover the floor and walls as the woman reaches for Kenji as a child under a desk.

A huge fish used by Hiroki swallows them and they all exit the illusion. Hiroki angrily confronts Katsuragi before appearing weary. He is tended to by Tsukasa as Katsuragi and Satoru leave the house.

Hiroki and Tsukasa then enter a world with a swirling dark sky and standing on top of the water they see Kenji and Yokota on a boat with them preparing to scuba dive.

The hibiscus-like flowers from before fall through a now bright sky as the men prepare to dive.

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