Chapter 3 is the third chapter of the Pet manga (ペット, Petto) written and illustrated by Ranjō Miyake.

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Tsukasa and Hiroki tower over the man who was just subjected to a mind-altering experience. They are both incensed and draw the attention of a fourth person nearby.

The situation is calmed by Tsukasa placing his hand to the man's head and his eyes close.

Satoru is in a car driving past a seafront.

A man who was driving him arrives to join Tsukasa and Hiroki at their apartment. Hiroki does not react well to what he is saying but is silenced by Tsukasa placing his hand over his mouth.

The person with glasses is treated to a scenario where gigantic footsteps into the enclosed room that he is in and he runs. There are multiple huge feet stepping all around with one about to tread on top of him.

He is screaming as Satoru holds him by his tie with others alarmed by his reaction to seemingly nothing. In his vision, his legs are pinned under one of the giant feet. Satoru enters from a nearby door in this environment and pulls him out from underneath the foot, which appears to separate the man from his legs below the knees.

The small child manifestation of a man who had witnessed this also sees the huge legs, first in the same room and then it suddenly having grass in it. He too is squashed by the feet resulting in his adult form being overcome with horror. Hiroki and Tsukasa try to get them to their senses, one of the people who experienced the vision heads to the sink to be physically sick in it.

With them departing, Tsukasa and Hiroki examine the first person to fall unconscious who has remained propped against the cupboards.

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  • Large humanoid legs and feet install terror into two people who are physically affected by them. One in his adult form, the other in a child form where both react with screaming and one vomiting from the ordeal.

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