Chapter 1 of the Pet (ペット, Pettomanga written and illustrated by Ranjō Miyake.


Satoru experiences an incongruous scene and is taken to hospital. Meeting Hayashi, they experience themselves transported to an open field environment and then a surreal one where the sky is made out of large eyes.



As dishes are washed, a young boy Satoru is in the lounge staring intently at the television with a dazed expression on his face.

A betta fish is seen beside a glass of liquid and Satoru views the person washing up happily use two chef knives to cut themselves up in multiple places. Partially and fully dismembered across the legs, stomach, and arm, an unattached left arm is used on the person's mid-head area.

The surreal occurrence is an illusion and Satoru's mother enters the room to see him screaming and repeatedly slamming his head into the TV.

Satoru is taken to the hospital. Hayashi learns of the incident and interacting with Satoru they are transported from the room to an open meadow with a rainbow before them.

Chapter 1 - Eyes

Hayashi joins Satoru in a representation of his mother's inner anguish

Together they discuss matters before a single door is noticed beside them, a portal that Satoru refers to as the Everywhere Door.

Taken home, Satoru soon enters another landscape this one much more outlandish. He is submerged in an ocean with only his head and hands above it. The sky is made up of multiple huge, glowering disconnected eyes.

Found by Hayashi, Satoru uses the door in the sea to enter through another side of the open field this time the world is upside down temporarily.

With other people present in the world they came from, Hayashi takes Satoru with him.

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