Back Door is the sixth episode of the Pet anime, which adapts the Pet manga. It continues from the previous episode, Locks and before Revenge.

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Hayashi accesses Tsukasa's Peak, where he has the power to use a puddle as a back door to Hayashi's Peak. Tsukasa turns it into a sea of blood and body parts, Katsuragi comes across them both crushed.

After speaking with Satoru, Jin is berated by Ron for the information she revealed.

Brought to Hiroki, he is able to restore Tsukasa's Peak and help him regain consciousness.

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Pet 6 - The CEO approaches

The CEO's arrival is announced to Tsukasa

Tsukasa's water form is blasted away by Hayashi who knowing where to find his valley, is going to enter his Peak. On an estate, Tsukasa hears from a woman that the CEO has arrived. Stating that it has been some time, Tsukasa shares the news that his pet is ready for a mission.

The company president uses a hunting dog as an analogy on how Tsukasa should train his pet, namely to wait for orders until dying. He also states that Hayashi as a traitor is not coming back, which dramatically changes the landscape to a badly decomposed setting with the CEO's face taking up the skyline, and blood coming from Tsukasa's eyes.

Pet 6 - Tsukasa's vision

Tsukasa's vision

Appearing in his wind image, Hayashi is asked if he is still trying to change Tsukasa's memories. Using his water image, Tsukasa emerges from the river in his Peak. Whilst his image is slower than Hayashi's, Tsukasa always believed that was a result of the high strength of his lock, until now. With Hiroki's goldfish getting faster because of his weak lock, Tsukasa realized his powerful lock restrained his movements, but not here in his Peak where he has no limits. Using water tendrils, he encases Hayashi in an orb of water trapping him there. He turns to discuss the topic of puddles, Hayashi finds himself staring at his reflection in one.

In the hotel room, Jin discusses her cousin with Satoru. As they leave, Satoru explains his background and how images are used to retain memories. He says he would take Jin to someone who had a memory of her mother, and she mentions the CEO may be the best person for that.

Pet 6 - Image forms

Tsukasa and Hayashi merged with their Images

Staring at a rainbow, Hayashi hears that he is in his own Peak. Tsukasa gained access using a backdoor, since his image is water he could make a puddle in a memory locus which he done when Hayashi shared his Peak with him. Causing the water from the stream to rise into the air, Tsukasa ignores Hayashi's urgent warning that removing his lock to come here linked directly to his own Peak, so if Tsukasa crushes here, he will be crushed as well. Replying what does it matter anymore, torrential blood and body parts begin raining from the sky. Tsukasa ignores Hayashi's warnings to get out of here, as he is overcome with a wave of blood.

Pet 6 - Finding them crushed

Katsuragi finding Tsukasa and Hayashi crushed

In the forest, Katsuragi attempts to rouse Tsukasa and Hayashi who lay on the ground unresponsive. Back in the hotel room, Ron is waiting with Meiling. He strongly rebukes Jin for the information she revealed to Satoru such as that concerning the qigong masters.

Pet 6 - Lookouts

Lookouts are told to not pry

Katsuragi sends lookouts away, and in their vehicle they are told by the building manager not to discuss Hayashi or the crushers anymore or they may be labelled spies. Katsuragi remembers Tsukasa telling him that if anything were to happen he should be taken back to Hiroki who would be waiting for him.

He calls Jin to share details of both Tsukasa and Hayashi being crushed, he is taking the former back to the fish store. Sharing the news with Ron, hi is unconcern of the potential loss to their family. There are two other pets to make"babies" for them, Satoru being one of them.

Pet 6 - Meiling and Jin

Hearing the news as Jin feed Meiling

Hiroki lies wrapped in a blanket waiting for Tsukasa to call. Driving back, Katsuragi considers Hiroki's possible reaction to Tsukasa's state before he finds the memory drive. Katsuragi is in a trance like state as he is revisited by thoughts of his doll mother that he is to give his secrets to Mr. Matasa.

Roused by the sounds of a car arrival, Hiroki is pleased to hear Tsukasa back before he views his comatose face. Hiroki holds Katsuragi accountable and is furious before questioning whether it is his fault for shirking his responsibilities and leaving Tsukasa to do the jobs by himself.
Pet 6 - Welcoming Tsukasa back


Ordering Katsuragi out then holding Tsukasa's face, Hiroki notices water rising from the floor. Delving into Tsukasa's mind he finds him in a sea of blood, and takes him to his own Peak, a vast expanse of water. Tsukasa is conscious here, and Hiroki returns to cleanse the blood and body parts to restore Tsukasa's Peak. Tsukasa notices Hiroki's goldfish tail is tattered before they both regain consciousness in the store where he thanks Hiroki for bringing him back.

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  • The blood and the organs floating around are coming out of Tsukasa's own opened up body, which is censored in the anime
  • Jin reveals her age of 24.
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